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Si vous deviez quitter La Vie en Rose, quelle en serait la raison?

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I got really sick once. My doctor wrote me a note not to go anywhere for 3 days. I was having blood work done constantly and i called in sick the first day. My manager was snappy and asking what i had. I was told by my doctor my medical history is confidential and my manager had no right to ask for personal information. She got snappy and hang up on me. As sick as i was i showed up to work the next two because of how scared I was to lose my job. Manager doesn’t care how sick you are. As long as you’re a body in the store. They don’t care if ur just out of surgery.

They will mess with your time sheet. If you work extra time. They won’t pay you. They will make it seem as if you worked a perfect shift. Instead of paying your the 8 and 30min work they will pay you only 8h.

Management horrible. They tell you they want part time but slowly trick you to full time. I use to be a stock associate loved the job but not the people very gossipy and rude and the managers are not so nice. fake personalities. Barely get days off .

Going back to school.

I did leave and it was strictly because of the people there, they are horrible. I loved the job itself as well as the customers. I didn't care about inventory or stock or anything, hated the people. Very catty

District Manager.and stress

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