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How do you find out the scheduling process once you get hired?

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The best thing to do is to call the store Monday evening to find out your schedule for the following week

For a sales specialist youre required to work 30 hours (or more depending on how many sellers your store has) for sales associates they usually get more hours just because theyre more experienced. Seasonal sales associates are there as an extra set of hands which is why thier hours may seem "unfair".

Not fair to seasonals. I understand full-time workers need shifts and hours, but why do some seasonals shifts and some don't? Favouritism is clear in the scheduling.

I found out through my teacher of CWEX at the time. The arrangement for myself to get experience was to show up every lunch hour, but management also made sure to tell me what they had expected as soon as my first shift started.

Scheduling was always a conflict. The same staff always work the worst hours because a lot of school-aged employees are less than reliable and booking those times off. Often a large staff but not enough hours to go around.

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