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Cashier6 avis
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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Cashier duties

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Lots of cosmetic products and brands for very low prices. Cashier duties include cashing customers out with only card transactions, bagging and settling/closing the cashier till at the end of the day.
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L'oreal warehouse

For the work we do such as keeping clean our cash all the time, do other tasks when it's not busy, the work we do when there's a rush.. the salary is very bad.

Points positifs

Friendly supervisors

Points négatifs

Not enough salary
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The worst place to work.

I went to the training for cashier position for a one day warehouse sale. Received my shifts for the following week, however was told not to come back. I did fine on the written quiz, and understood the computer system. They are a very prejudiced company, very picky, and they don't give people a fair chance. They don't treat people equally, they discriminate badly. I have had a very bad, disappointing experience with Loreal. The managers and staff are all very rude, unfriendly and basically not very nice and understanding. They all looked at their potential employees with disdain. I was really hurt by how poorly I was treated by them.
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Fast paced and friendly environment

A typical day at work would be setting up your area , making sure everyone knows their job. The management is very good and the workers are very friendly and helpful.
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fun working environment with excellent employees

it was a great experience even if it was for a month, the employees where very supportive and so were my co workers and i had fun handling the credit card transactions and that was the best part of the job for me. the hardest part was the long hours and also it was scary because you had to be efficient and error free when recording the transactions and even though i made some mistakes i was able to learn from them and improve in ways i didn't know i could thanks to my supervisors and co workers.

Points positifs

paid breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Come in the store Puch before start working Get the basic information from the managers Get a cash Count the money in it and make sure there is 200$ in it Take a place and serve the clients When finish your shift count your cash Make a deposit and leave 200$ in your cash Puch before you exit the work I learned how to use a cash and I earn experience in talking with the client. There was no hard thing to do.
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3,7 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
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