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Toronto, ON23 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun and professional

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Fun, professional staff. Motivating and helpful people. Lots is expected and most people are happy to pitch in. Many departments and opportunity to advance or switch positions internally.
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performative activism for covid and diversity, toxic work environment.

Upper management was performative regarding covid protocols and diversity, only caring if it looked good for customers (ie: made money). If staff spoke up, they would be reprimanded. Salary for retail staff was not a living wage. Sales floor was a toxic environment.
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Tough Management

The management guys were never friendly, very bureaucratic and authoritative style of management. Poorly paid job with long working hours and crazy supervision style.
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Lots of education and potential growth opportunities.

L'Oreal is a great place to work if you want to gain lots of exposure to the beauty, fashion and lifestyle world. While employed, you gain a lot of knowledge about products, new technology and the shift in retail.
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Lots of room to grow

It’s always fun to work when you have a good team. Everyone shares similar goals. Company gives you freedom to work in your own way and get things done! Loved it!
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Good company to work with

Good environment, Friendly management team, require traveling, work load is high, good company to grow with, ....................................................
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Very positive workplace culture and diversity in employees. Interesting work and co-workers who support your personal and professional growth. Highly recommend.
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easy going

you have to be comfortable with being independent on the job. I learned a lot as an artist but you dont receive much education from the company. Management is great they are always there for you and are so easy to talk to. The workplace culture is great..love going to work. Hardest part of the job is not being able to move up and become management. The most enjoyable part is the co workers and clients.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

no benefits for part time or full time sales associates
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Wonderful Company

I really like the diversity this company has with people and brands. I really liked the focus on not only the business part, but the brands, the building and growth.
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productive workplace

I worked as a sales associate at loreal. The workplace was productive and fun often having amazing shifts. The people and the managers were really nice and it was a very positive experience.

Points positifs

lunch breaks were paid

Points négatifs

very long shifts
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Kiehl's worst company to work for ! By far !

This company is extremely gross The management at Kiehl's is disgusting and I dealt with discrimination there and I will not suggest anyone work there until the remove the poison they have working at their Sherway location. Oh and they talk like little high school girls. HR is no help so fat chance if you call them for help

Points positifs

Their starter package

Points négatifs

Managment and lack of hours and empty promise
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This company was very perfessional and the pay was really good, they provided us with full meals throught the whole day and made sure our experience was awesome
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fast-paced with a great team

It was a lovely experience working with my team as Counter Manager, they were eager and I was very flexible so we all worked extremely well together. The hardest part of the job was there was no place for advancement. However, reaching our sales goals on a monthly basis made this such a wonderful place to work.

Points positifs

dinners, tickets to concerts

Points négatifs

not enough in the budget for my events planned
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Productive and fast paced

Great Learning Experience. Motivating and friendly colleagues. Helped me a lot in learning more about customer relations and their behavior. Recommending products to customers according to their need/want was quite challenging.
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fun working environment with excellent employees

it was a great experience even if it was for a month, the employees where very supportive and so were my co workers and i had fun handling the credit card transactions and that was the best part of the job for me. the hardest part was the long hours and also it was scary because you had to be efficient and error free when recording the transactions and even though i made some mistakes i was able to learn from them and improve in ways i didn't know i could thanks to my supervisors and co workers.

Points positifs

paid breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Fantastic place to work with young and talented people!

Young co-workers that are driven, passionate and eager to succeed! The saying "work hard, play hard" resonates well with life at L'Oreal. Working in a continuously changing industry is fun and exciting and who better to work for then the leader in the beauty industry!

Points positifs

Work/Life balance

Points négatifs

Head office in Montreal
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Good environment

Every worker worked as a team. Had good culture and worked as a family. Had a learning environment that was beneficial to everyone. Management was very efficient. Hardest part was ensuring that each guest left happy.
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Productive, fun workplace with great perks

Responsible for training Ontario sales teams in product knowledge and sales skills. Assisted the teams at important store events. This role helped me improve my public speaking and leadership skills. A great environment to work in. The hardest part of the job was to train in different parts of Canada on a very short notice. However, everything else was very enjoyable. Great team and supportive management.

Points positifs

Freee lunches, travel outside your territory

Points négatifs

Short notice for events and training sessions
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Good company

Excellent marketing team, good environment to work in. Good endorsements, i had the pleasure of working with several marketing associates and the team was well driven
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Productive and fun

I have learned many things in different positions I have had in the past.
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Great Brand, Challenge with Distribution

L'Oreal is better suited to a distribution model, therefore a direct sales force such as L'Oreal Professionnel has it's challenges.
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