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Montréal, QC81 avis

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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Environnement agréable qui favorise l'équilibre famille/ travail.Des possibilités d'évolution rapide également.Pas assez de diversités dans l'embauche.
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Very poor pay, they like to do experiences rather than pay staff decently

Very opinionated culture, your career path is determined upon getting hired. If they have a specific plan, you will only get that path. Many, many people leave. They work you to death. Bonuses are paid in Feb & the day after that there is a mass exit of staff

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Pay, long hours
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues

Management is terrible, unmanageable workload- no work life balance.

It feels good to say you work for L’Oréal but once you’re in there the culture is very old school and political. There is no one looking out for the million asks that get thrown on your plate.

Points positifs

Good pay, nice people, work from home.

Points négatifs

Work life balance, too many tasks and quick turn around time.
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Fast paced with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow

L'Oreal is great company overall to start your career. It's very fast paced so things can get stressful. Work-life balance is not great but the company is really trying to work on that and introduce new initiatives/policies. It's a great school, you will learn a lot and meet some very talented people. However, it's a french company so you will have to learn french at some point if you are considering a long term career there....

Points positifs

No.1 cosmetics company in the world, Lots of learning and exposure, People are nice and supportive, Health insurance and wellness benefits, Day care for kids (only at Montreal office unfortunately)

Points négatifs

Work-life balance, Salaries can be more competitive, French language feels like a must have to grow within the company
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Production Engineer

The production is very divided between management and operators, in an unefective and divisive way. Lots of people were cooperative between the two groups, but there was lots of tension and a few could openly sabotage the efforts of another (both management and operators had episodes of signicficant uncooperativeness at times). Must say that some divisions are better than others on that aspect.

Points positifs

Culture within mangement is great, fun group work and do things out of the office with. HR suprisingly good.

Points négatifs

Cover your a** culture, lack of leadership and cooperation.
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L'oreal warehouse

For the work we do such as keeping clean our cash all the time, do other tasks when it's not busy, the work we do when there's a rush.. the salary is very bad.

Points positifs

Friendly supervisors

Points négatifs

Not enough salary
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Une excellent experience avec le system SAP avec une super groupe finances. Je remerci à mon directur finance pour son confiance de moi. et remerci à ma chers amis et amies.
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Excellent place to work, great learning experience.

I enjoyed working at L’Oréal, I always felt I was well-treated by my bosses and co-workers. It is an excellent school for those wanting to advance in their career, be it in Montreal or abroad. I would recommend L’Oréal to anyone, based on my long career with them.

Points positifs

Great work environment, wonderful people, beautiful offices, great benefits.

Points négatifs

If you allow it, you can spend long hours working. You must be organized to enjoy a good work-life balance.
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Intensely political work place, great place to learn

A lot of office politics and internal PR which were very heavy. If you don't fit in the box, you better watch out. Otherwise, it is a great place to learn, they invest a lot in staff training and provide good salary and benefits.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

heavy office politics
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You need to be 20 years old to be treated nicely.over 30 you are old.supervisors very disorganized. Low salary. Stay home

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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i gave information bout the product and answered the clients need

all the managers and employees were nice. everyone is friendly at L'Oreal. they are flexible with your schedule and if you need a break they let you go.
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Agile enviroment

great work environment that includes flexible hours, entrepreneurship, test and learn, and fun activities. global involvement and recognition for career growth.
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Warehouse job

The work is fairly but the location of the warehouses is rather far and the shifts start really early of end very late. The work does not require communication, therefore, the environment is not very friendly.
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Great place to gain experience quickly

As an Internal Sales Representative on contract, replacing a maternity leave, I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Met a lot of great connections for future.
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The workload at L'Oréal is pretty intense. We work more than 50h / week. It is not representative of the salary that they are offering. There is not a lot of option to progress in this company.
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fair place to work

Fair place to work... the IT division is always under stress! internal team is submerged with demands and is not able to face the challenges. new adding should be enforce the internal team!
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beaucoup d'avantages

environnement de travail stimulant beaucoup d'avantages
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Bonne ambiance de travail

C'était une vente privée donc les heures était chargée mais supportable.
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Exceptionnal compagny

Wonderful. Driven. Advancement. Amazing talent & colleagues. Ownership. Creativity. Business saviness. Amazing products. Dynamic & stable industry. Work there! M
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Great Colleagues, but stressful environment

Pros - Benefits : health + Dental - World Profit sharing bonus yearly - great social committee - free samples - Employee Sales - Amazing colleagues - Challenging Cons: - Very stressful - Bad management - No proper training - Slow progression - Very Marketing focused (less importance on supply chain) - High turnover
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bonnne organisation du travail

bonne organisation du travail et et harmonisation des taches
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