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Staff Accountant13 avis
Canada13 avis

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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Staff accountant

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Always lots of work to be completed especially from January to April. They do require that you are working toward a CPA or have achieved a CPA. Lots of company activities throughout the year.
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Good place to start your career

Always lots of work to be completed especially from January to April. They do require that you are working toward a CPA or have achieved a CPA. Lots of company activities throughout the year.
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Awful company to work for!!

Steer very clear of this B4. I worked in the FIRES group and it was very, very draining mentally and physically. Some observations:1) Very, very toxic staff and management. They all gossip and generally stab each other in the back to get ahead. Very competitive. The amount of politics here are insane.2) Experience in the firm is determined entirely by the first few teams you work with. If you don't work well together and/or they don't bother explaining the work (common), they'll either spread negativity about you or your flaw in skill will carry onto future clients.3) Very low pay. B4 is known to be a meat grinder for a few years, but at some point the expectations become unreasonable for the amount of pay. That is very much the case here. Honestly not worth it.4) Hire lots of newcomers/"secondees" from other countries as seniors that aren't of the same quality as domestic talent. The secondees are basically there for a vacation and don't really care about the work. This makes files stressful as there isn't good leadership. Why not just invest in retaining high quality talent instead of sourcing new lower quality talent quickly to replace?All B4 are around the same so don't consider prestige when making your decision. Always put some weight on the cultural and personal fit aspect. The culture here is very conservative and uptight. It's a random mix of people that are hired frantically as warm bodies and its evident in the culture. It's 2021 people, don't settle for workplaces that are low quality and would fire you in a heartbeat anyway!At the very least don't work - 

Points positifs

CFE Support, CPA PERT Hours, Good benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay, toxic environment, rude managers, understaffed, very high turnover
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High stress environment without opportunity to learn

KPMG is a great place to learn technical accounting and financial analytical skills. Your experience will be influenced mainly by the people you work with which can be a hit or a miss.Management throughout the financial year spoke about steps they are taking to hire more individuals instead of focusing on retaining the talent we had at the firm. The external hires from foreign countries are not on the same level as talent that have moved up the ranks.The high turnover creates a lot of problems, lack continuity on files, High performers burn out and leave. This is what happens when the firm is run like a sweatshop. More often than not we were understaffed which took away from the opportunity to learn narrative that they provide when they justify the pay rate.

Points positifs

Flexible work arrangements, CFE support

Points négatifs

long hours, chronicly understaffed
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Not fun to work at super stressful and tight deadlines

Very competitive, stressful and pressure driven environment where employees put in long hours and are expected to put work before anything else. No work life balance at all.

Points négatifs

Long Hours, Non- supportive management
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same as before

Again - typical audit firm in downtown toronto - lots of work and focus on clients but also lots of training and focus on completing exams and training etc
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Gets real old if you don't fit the mold

The company initially promised a lot of opportunities for advancement and diverse work, and branded itself as 'not just another audit firm' when, in fact, it is just another audit firm. Generally, you will work on a portion of an audit, but if you are lucky enough to be in Enterprise group, you will get to do a full audit. The enterprise, tax and business advisory groups are small, but wonderful and full of understanding managers who work towards your success and passion. The corporate audit group (largest group) is least concerned with individual strengths and simply wants audit worker bees. If you enjoy excessive drinking a few nights a week while working 12+ hour days, and don't mind repetitive, boring work, then the job isn't bad for you. Otherwise, a smaller firm would probably better suit your job goals. Very high turnover once CPA is obtained. This company has a very narrow idea of what an employee should look like, so if you feel you fit the mold then you will do fine. It seems that discourse is not encouraged, and diversity of opinion or otherwise is a token rather than a true initiative. Poor remuneration, but you can claim your meal expense even if you didn't use it all.
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A bad place to start your career

Definitely a sweatshop. Will pay you insulting salary and overwork you. I worked five weeks straight without a single day off during the most busy time.
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KPMG Summary

The role of a public accounting is pretty well known and summarized in many other sources. The expectation is to work significant hours, and at the staff level, the pay does not nearly compensate for the hours worked. The training and knowledge that you learn on the job is the biggest plus, however the work is incredibly mundane and very granulated. The expectation on jobs is to put in as many hours as possible as you are required to meet deadlines that Managers and Partners have set for you. Public accounting is very polarizing, as some people seem to very much enjoy the work, whereas it is the complete opposite for most people.
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good work place

I was able to interact with clients regarding their operations, structures and financial reporting controls. In terms of technology, I used software such as workflow management software.

Points négatifs

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Great training and opportunity for advancement

The company invests a lot in their staff and have created a culture of openness by empowering the staff to reward one another. The company accommodated those still in school and has beautiful facilities for the staff and meeting rooms for discussions with clients.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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The job security and job/life balance was extremely beneficial and rewarding. The experience was really enjoyable and beneficial for future positions.
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A great company to start your career with

A great company with great people. Working as a summer intern, i got to learn a lot of things about assurance and tax. I was working there in the summer so the work load was not too much.
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