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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Standard big four job

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You have the flexibility to work on projects that interest you. The work we do also makes a difference in our clients. The Salary and Benefits are in line with any of the other big four
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Good environment, long hours

lots of turnover but generally, a good environment. Long hours and competing deadlines. Every day looks different even when you work on the same clients.
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Toronto office is very disorganized.

On-boarding is very poor if you are new to the office. If you joined as an experienced hire from another Big 4, it is always obvious at management level as you are hardly ever considered to be one of them. Some partners are also narrow minded and it trickles down the chain of command with several of the Senior Managers managing perception than doing the work. Each claiming to be an expert in one thing and in actual sense lack the depth to be a complete accounting expert.
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High energy

Good place to build career and get exposure to different markets/industries/sectors. Dynamic team setting working with people from different backgrounds locally and globally. Culture can be very individual performance based even though it operates largely within teams. Competitive both horizontally and vertically across the company.
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Try another big four

I had heard the other big fours are better and I now believe it might be accurate. The culture at kpmg is far from nice. The career opportunities are not great either. If you are lucky, you may get treated well by the partners but generally the management sucks. Not sure why they are getting a high rating from indeed. This is not where you want to be.
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needs work, but generally ok

From an delivery perspective the firm is top notch, but sales culture needs to be beefed up. I've worked with amazing people (both from the service delivery side and internal firm support team)
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Big 4

Cookie cutter professional services firm, project based delivery, Culture depends on project team and core teams capabilities. Typical day varies on client engagement, delivery timelines and the team.

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Work life balance
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Challenging and exciting place to work with lots of growth opportunities

I am a consultant and also an auditor. Every day is different and you work on multiple projects at once. Staff are friendly and dedicated to completing all the work before deadline. Lots of growth opportunities.
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Advantage takers

Advantage takers for contractors with no payment for extended overtime due to their lack of resources. Little help for the helpless without recourse to get a fair and equitable work place.

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Little help for the helpless contractor without recourse to get a fair and equitable work place.
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It was a long time ago now... but I look back fondly

KPMG provided an environment to learn and to advance with a considerable breadth of experience. The people, in particular, made it worthwhile and enjoyable.

Points positifs

Breadth of environments to work and learn in...

Points négatifs

We were young and couldn't fully take advantage of the opportunitites
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Hardworking environment with great training and people

KPMG has been a great place for me to start my career as a CA. They provide exensive training and great social events, however they do require long thank-less hours of work. Overall I would recommend this company to anybody looking to start a career in accounting.

Points positifs

Great training and people

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good benefits, shame about the management

KPMG is a worldwide accountancy firm. Nationally they have good benefits, personal care time allowances, good vacation, reasonable pension, and antibullying policy. However, locally management does not necessarily buy into the national policies. You will work with the best providing top quality advice for clients.

Points positifs

Good benefits, good vacation, pension

Points négatifs

Long hours, worklife balance, no control over quality of admin staff
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Great projects, unclear company direction

Good exposure to interesting clients/projects, high turnover among staff, management has no clear direction on where they want to take the firm
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3,5 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Salaire/avantages sociaux
3,7 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
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