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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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À partir du moment qu'on accède à un poste de responsabilité (càd directeur) les heures de travail sont trop longues par rapport au salaire proposé. Des ressources en santé mentale sont proposées, mais je pense fermement que si les employés travaillaient moins, ils seraient plus heureux.La direction menace les employés de pénalités financières s'ils ne suivent pas les formations à temps: c'est indigne d'une grande société.

Points positifs

Une certaine flexibilité

Points négatifs

Formation peu pertinente imposée, menace de pénalités financières
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Long work hours

Long hours of workNo work life balanceTasking engagementsAverage/Above average compensation depending on negotiationGood and amazing staffFast paced environment
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Informations sur KPMG

Sur la base de 27 réponses au sondage
Points forts
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues
  • Environnement inclusif
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
Points à améliorer
  • Absence de stress
  • Tâches stimulantes
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué

Solid Work

Good position for temp work, relaxing atmosphere. Fantastic office with lots of space and adheres to mask rules appropriately. Staff are all friendly and welcoming.
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Insane politics! Do not get caught in it

Training was minimal. Expectations were sky high. Lots of dirty politics between senior leaders and getting back at one another. HR pretends to be your friend, but turns the other cheek when it comes to dealing fairly with admin professionals. Blatant lying and deceit occurs to get what they want.
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Toxic Place to Work

Pay is comparable to other employers, but you will work 50-100% longer and harder than elsewhere in Ottawa. Cultures is absolutely toxic, management DOES NOT care about you. Save yourself the stress and drama.
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Toxic land

The word place I’ve ever worked. They just have all that propaganda about the best place to work. The reality is other. Manager treat you bad, feed back after you have had tons of mistakes besides there is no proper training. “They want you to learn by experience “ but the reality is that they don’t have time to train you. Managers are rude, impolite and have no patient with anyone is new.

Points positifs

Mental health benefits

Points négatifs

Poor training, terrible managers
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Standard big four job

You have the flexibility to work on projects that interest you. The work we do also makes a difference in our clients. The Salary and Benefits are in line with any of the other big four
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Stressful place, but great place to learn

Pros - Great place to learn alot, Nice office perks, great colleagues and managersCon- Stressful and very poor worklife balance, poor renumeration and compensations too
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Great team

KPMG is like any big 4. Based on size it is the smallest and so comes with the perks and drawbacks of a smaller firm when compared to it peers. The perks include great team and good relationships while the drawbacks include less project opportunities and pay
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Enjoyable work environment

I’ve enjoyed working at KPMG. You hear a lot about insane hours at B4 firms but it has been pretty good here. Management is super supportive and involved in helping make sure you succeed in your work.
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Good Place to do your CPA

Good Company to obtain your CPA designation with. Overtime policy varies my office, but most people ended up with about 6 weeks total to use in the spring/summer. Culture was good overall, but can vary from team to team.
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Excellent place to work

I like how supportive the leaders are, the colleagues are totally in this culture of building the team too, there are always up to teach and help when needed.

Points positifs

Excellent team
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Productive and Fun

Fast paced learning opportunities with lots of room for collaboration. It takes a lot of effort but is rewarding. Room for promotion is also very high.
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Some really great people, but management sucks

KPMG has some really amazing people, but overall management is terrible, the lack of leadership is concerning. Admins are under paid and under valued.

Points positifs

Benefits are pretty good

Points négatifs

Low salary, no leadership, no room for growth
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Stressful and short staffed

Overall great experience. The firm is expanding and hiring people to take on new tasks. Work is stressful which is the same across all big 4. Pay increase was decent but doesn’t seem helpful on retaining talent.
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Competitive place where you will learn alot, stressful

Typical Big 4 experience, fast-paced and you will learn a lot on the job. Good support from managers but sometimes you are asked to just figure it out yourself.

Points positifs

Collaborative, learning and growth opportunities

Points négatifs

Long hours, Stress
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Long hours, good compensation

You get what you put in. Exciting work and lots of opportunities to advance as long as you have a good work ethic. Good support staff and plenty of resources available.
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Great place to build a career

The work is completely dependent on the projects. Some projects are long-term (months/ years) and some are short ( a few weeks). You have an opportunity to show your expertise and prove yourself in every project. Performance is evaluated through feedback from managers and senior executives you have worked with on the project. The team is really close-knit and always supports each other. Occasional informal hanging out for drinks and socialising. You can choose to work from home or at the office. Home office expenses are reimbursed but capped at a fixed amount.Benefits are good (Health, dental, vision etc). No RRSP matching. Bonus and salary review is not a guarantee for non-management employees.
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Great experience but very hard to have work life balance

Great people to work with and a lot of resources available within the company. It's a great experience for your career but it's very hard to have work life balance.
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Good people with a mature structure.

They need to update their business model to get with the times unless they want to continue this culture of being a revolving door. It's not a bad place to start a career, but no one seems to stay too long.

Points positifs

learning opportunities

Points négatifs

low pay
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Worst job experience. No ounce of work life balance. Busy season is really busy season

Don’t bother working here. I’ve only been here for a bit but people who’ve been here longer say the same thing.No work life balanceYou’re expected to know so much in such little timeSo many deadlines and trainings you can’t catch a break

Points positifs

Can’t think of any besides having ‘big 4’ on your resume, You’re actually learning a lot of excel and cpa stuff

Points négatifs

Absolutely no work life balance Extremely fast paced
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