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Why would you want to work at KPMG?

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  • : To take up professional career, responsibility and challenges in an environment where talents are appreciated and encouraged. Also to contribute new ideas to the overall advancement of such organization, accounting profession and the World at large

  • KPMG has a good reputation, I also love to learn so many things from this company and also make my resume look classic.

  • To be part of the growth of the institution and improve and improve self skills

  • KPMG is a brand that has international reputation. I believe I can soar with the experience of a job offer.. However my areas of specialization are law and Mass Communication..

  • Try to learn from this company

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  • I would enjoy working there because they genuinely care about the staff's development.

  • 1. Employee friendly staffs
    2. Promotions and good bonus

  • Good brand on your resume

  • Job Work/Life Balance

  • KPMG is a global Accounting firm always at the forefront of capacity building and training.

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