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Good people to work with
Production Line Worker (Employé actuel) –  Armstrong, BC23 janvier 2019
Fast paced, team environment that focuses on quality and production numbers.
Union job with benefits and retirement plan.
Shift work with shift premiums and about 6 levels of pay.
Getting your raise depends on your position and how long you've been there.
Great people to work with and occasional company events.

It's a fast paced environment where quality is the most important aspect.

Which is funny to think about.

Is it a hard job? It'll feel like it if it's your first job or never worked in a fast paced environment before.

You might feel discouraged when you feel like you're the slowest worker. Don't be, it takes time and effort to improve your speed without losing quality.

You'll eventually be taught more then one way to do things. It's up to you to incorporate them into how you do the job. If you take the time to obersve how you perform the work at hand. You can find ways to improve and make it easier on you.

It's a team based environment, so helping out others when you can is to be expected.

It's a union job with benefits, where seniority gets higher priority on training or job postings. There's about six different levels of pay and maybe limited vacancy in those levels.

If you manage to obtain a job posting that's not entry level. You'll receive the next level pay when they decide that you're ready for it. Which can depend on the position and can be up to a year before you do receive it.

Of course it'll also feel unfair when a new employee is posted into the same position that you just applied for. They might just have
  plus... prior experience with a different company. So, don't fret unless it's a new hire who is being trained in a shorter time frame to know as much as you. Then it's just a race to see who gets that level of pay faster!

Ha! That or they forgot about you and assumed you're already making that level of pay. So, don't forget to bring it up!

Most of the people here are great to work with.
The pay could be higher though. Some positions just don't get paid enough.

It's also shift work on a three week rotation with shift premiums. Depending on the demand and if they have enough people. There will be three shifts, otherwise just the two, or one if you're on the slower side of the plant.
Points positifs
The people! Also, benefits and occasional company events.
Points négatifs
Day shift, I don't like waking up that early.
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