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What are the perks offered by Kognitive Marketing?

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  • Good pay with competitive commission structure and weekly fun social meetings and gift cards and certifications

  • You received commission over your base wage for every sale you make, so your pay can double depending on how well you perform. Also you get a bonus for each actives once a month. There is also a company wide rewards program called Kogbucks which allows you to auction for rewards at the end of each quarter. These points are easy to obtain and are obtained for good performance.

  • High incentives

  • Flexible hours, promotion from within, and sales skill development

  • Tons of development, opportunity to advance and grow, options to travel.

  • Pay and recognition

  • A very comfortable salary that works around a student's busy schedule.

  • - accommodations when travelling to far location
    - ability to claim mileage

    - lots of competitions

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