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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Kognitive Marketing?

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  • Sales related

  • What you show be doing on a daily bases for your position and how to improve it to nake your best sales

  • Are you capable of taking constructive criticism and adopting it in to your work method?
    Are you capable of dealing with tough situations where pressure is put on you to perform your best on a regular basis?

  • What motivated you for doing the job?

  • Can you talk to strangers

  • Referred by a friend or apply online

  • Initially, personal details your educational background then professional past experience and vision and puts you in a situation related to your job profile to know how you dealt with it.

  • The most important question they as is... "How do you deal with rejection and over come it?"

    Rejection is a BIG part of the job so being HONEST hear can be a great help. You will get constructive feed back and tips to help you on the field.

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