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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Kognitive Marketing?

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Very friendly and supportive. Gives opportunity to meet new people and learn new things every single day.

Work environment is good because most of the time you alone working at the location. And more input you give the more money you make.

Its very encouraging and and flexible. One that gives you freedom to optimize and innovate

The work environment is great, everyone is very supportive and the managers are understanding of each employees needs and wants. The company gives all its employees opportunity to grow within the company and easily raise their position within.

This company helps me to develop skills in myself.. Always give pay on time. Provide us flexible shift. Always motivate me. Help me to improve myself and also give proper guidance how to behave with rude peoples.
Proud to be member of kognitive marketing.

Good enviroment

Friendly and Fun Environment

When they hold meetings, it's a good environment, but it's the only time they show interest in their employees.

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