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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Very tight management constant surveillance
brand ambassador (Employé actuel) –  Toronto, ON13 décembre 2015
I worked as a brand ambassador for a product promotion. The training was overwhelming and the stores lacked products to demo. Sales targets were unreachable due to lack of products in stores. Managers were constantly texting and threatening us with loosing our jobs or pay. Nice products and reasonable pay but managers had no confidence nor trust for employees. I have worked in experiential marketing for other companies and I have never seen such firm management as this company. It caused a lot of unnecessary stress. Also, they use Natural Insight to Geo tag your location. Sometimes it doesn't work so they assume that you are not at your scheduled location and threaten to dock your pay. Overall, bad experience and would never work for this company again.
Points positifs
Hours and pay reasonable for this type of job
Points négatifs
Managers need to lighten up rather than addressing us in threatening tones
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Ecrire un commentaire – 16 décembre 2015

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Our managers certainly to follow up with the team frequently, but that is with the goal of making you feel supported in your role. Your manager should not be threatening you about pay. If you are experiencing this, please give me a call at 1-800-597-7414 ext. 128. I would love to discuss to sort this out for you. Thanks.

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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Fun and rewarding
Financial Sales Representative (Ancien employé) –  Canada14 juillet 2019
Every project brought exciting and interesting workload.

enjoyed every minute of this Job.

Learned so much about marketing, sales, customer service and admin while in this position.

Earned trust with employers and was giving responsibilities to supervise teams which built confidence.
Points positifs
Points négatifs
lack of job security
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Short Term Fix.
Sales Associate (Ancien employé) –  Vaughan, ON1 juin 2019
I worked on Primus so my review is only for their Primus program. I'll start with the positives.
1) The virtual team is supportive.
2) The base pay+commission structure.

Now everything that's wrong with this job.
1) Poor product. The rates are in no way competitive. Worst customer service.
2) They don't hire you, they sign you as a private contractor so no benefits whatsoever.
3) No job security. You would not survive more than 2 months as full time.
4) No advancement opportunities.
5) Worst working conditions. Standing all day even in your break time you can not find a place to sit down as they do not give a stool with the kiosk.
6) Management doesn't care about you since you are not an employee. They will only communicate when they need something i.e overtime or filing in for someone else. If you need something they would never reply.
7) When you sign up, you will be promised 40 hours per week but you would never get near that number. You might get 35ish hours for the first week but after that it'll be below 30 per week.
8) this is not a proper job. Its a good short term fix for students but if you are looking for a full time job you should probably look elsewhere.

How they operate is that they have their employees that are called team lead among the team, all other people are on contracts and are easily and quickly replaced. They have very unrealistic targets and when you do not hit your goals they stop giving you shifts. Their are team members who do exceptional good work and always exceed their targets but these are very few and the location where you work
  plus... plays a role in your success.

All in all, if you are looking for a short term fix and you know how to sell your thing this is a good opportunity but if you are looking for a long term job this isn't the place to go.
Points positifs
base pay+commission
Points négatifs
worst working conditions, lying management, no job security
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