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Kmc mine is the best company to work for
Great support from supervisors and management and staff and the employees are fundamental fantastic to work with they help you any transition for to learn move forward the company has trained me from 0 to know how to operate as hall truck and mostly they are very good their safety is number one place to work for any company

To compared in the oil industry so am very happy to be working with a company that cares about their employers safety mostly of all it’s great salaries and equity equipment to work for so please take from

Me don’t waist your time other company polished stores apply before is too late

Réponse du 22 décembre 2019

Yes,if you work hard and show interest along with showing up everyday

Réponse du 2 août 2020

Poor communication, if you are NFLD is instant promotional material, straight to the top.

Réponse du 30 mars 2019

They go through so many employees that they will hire anybody right now, just be honest with your skills, be ready to be asked about FLRA's, JSA's and SOP's. Nobody in HR understands your job if you are a journeyperson, questions from them will be about safety and procedures, your past experiences and how you handled them. Just be honest and you will have a job. Don't talk more then you have too, just answer brief and to the point, let them ask the questions, you'll be working in no time..

Réponse du 1 février 2018

Steam dirty equipment

Réponse du 25 octobre 2018
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