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Why would you want to work at KIDS & COMPANY?

5 réponses

I really wouldn’t. They have many issues that need to be overcome in the meantime. Like hours, salary, appreciation, turnover, and many more. The one thing I would say they do well is sponsorships.

No I would not want to work for kids and company they treat their staff horribly and the pay is bad
People are struggling in the room and they don’t even get any help From the director

Children get abused and nothing gets done about it HR doesn’t care the director doesn’t care no one cares about your kids

Hr Don’t care about the staff either if you have a problem they won’t resolve it they’ll just keep on pushing the pencil

Working with kids & co can expand your knowledge base experience in the care of children. This company is very accommodating to their employees if reasonable. The hours of the shift are great, 8 hours are what you are getting paid for .

Great programming for children, amazing team, fast-paced work (if you like that)

They respect diversity, encourage growth and have great, friendly and conducive work environment.

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