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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez KIDS & COMPANY?

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Often very fast paced, and asking for more than can be done in one day, they will also ask for lots of paperwork to be done and not give any time to do it. Always asking for more but giving nothing back in return.

Fast paced. High turnover. Consistently asking for more but then say no breaks, no raises, and please drive an hour to go help another site.

High turnover rate
HR don’t care about the staff or the children they got abused and nothing gets done

You wonder why there is a high turnover rate it’s because of management the manager at Niagara queen sucks and treats her staff horribly

I know at least five people quit because of her and how she treats staff

Awful and that is why there is a high turnover rate in this company.

Terrible. I would never want to go back. Management is the worse. They do not care about the employees.

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Very fast pace environment but very fun

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