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This is not a real job!
FQA tester (Ancien employé) –  Montréal, QC18 mai 2019
There's a lot I could say about this job but let's keep it brief. Its a contract job which they try to sell you as a positive. "You get to be flexible with your hours and choose when you work!" Except that this isn't true at all. It's just an attempt to sell precarity as some sort of positive, and you don't really get any rights as a worker. Here's what you should know:

-you have no permanent hours. I went several weeks at a time without shifts and worked other jobs to make up for it.
-you're on call every day that you've put as available and they only let you know at 6pm the night before if you're working or not.
-they pay minimum wage so if you lose a few shifts and have no backup income source you're pretty stuck,
-there's basically zero room to move up and even the highest paid position you can reach after several years doesn't pay a living wage. They gave a bunch of people a 25 cent raise the week before the minimum wage was increased so even if you work hard its not like it makes a difference.

I will say that they at least pay for the training which I appreciated. I've been told by other employees that HR essentially sides with corporate at all times and will drop you at the sign of any contention. This is probably why they have a strict "no politics" rule during work and break time. Again they try to sell all of this as fun and competitive (look we have a video game area where you can wait for 3 hours and see if you have a shift or not today!)

Avoid this job if you can and don't get caught sitting 2 weeks behind on your bills wondering if you're going to
  plus... get a shift or not!  moins
Points positifs
work itself can be fun depending on the project
Points négatifs
bad wage, no confirmed scheduling, no career advancement, toxic management
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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Friendly environment
Game tester (Ancien employé) –  Montréal, QC29 octobre 2019
They have a friendly environment but everyone there makes you feel like you are surrounded by people with no goals in life. it's too gloomy and it feels like you cant affort any mistakes.
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
A Sweatshop disguised as a Progressive Tech company
Certification Quality Assurance Tester (Ancien employé) –  Montréal, QC2 octobre 2019
Keywords Studios' goal is to acquire multiple service lines around the world, strip them from all benefits and essentially turn themselves into THE premiere Sweatshop of the video games industry.

I have worked in multiple departments within the company (FQA, Console Certification and Virtual Reality).I was mainly a Certification Tester throughout my employment, and I cannot stress how anti-worker the company is.

If you're familiar with Rockstar/Riot/Activision/etc in the news, expect the same expendable/harassing treatment from management throughout your employment.

Certification Testers are paid the ABSOLUTE minimum and not compensated extra for their extensive commitment to their department. As individuals who are verifying titles for end-user release for Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony/VR, we were constantly spoken down to and threatened for talking about workplace conditions.

Speaking of conditions, the Virtual Reality department is the biggest offender in my opinion. I am not sure if they have improved the lab, but when I was working there, we were squeezed closely together using VR headsets and constantly hitting each other with no solution in sight. Furthermore, the lab is literally unfurnished with concrete flooring, just desks and PCs with carpet only situated for management. I am pretty sure the CNESST would have a field day with the room.

Do what I did, get your experience and find a company that would actually appreciate you.
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Réponse officielle de Keywords Studios
11 octobre 2019

Hello and thank you for taking the time to provide your review.

We are very sorry to hear that you felt expendable and talked down to in your time with us. We value our employees and encourage them to raise any issues so that they may dealt with accordingly.

Our business is built around our teams. Wiithout our teams there is no business to offer. We are proud to hear when our staff goes to work for clients and partners, even to the competition, should the right opportunity arise. This proves that our staff is progressing, regardless if their career growth occurs within Keywords or externally. Though our goal would be to find opportunities internally, we are proud to say that within the past year we had an organic growth of 50%, which included many opportunities for our existing staff.

We are happy to hear that you have seen improvements and we are committed to continue them, especially in regard to staff retention which is the core of our business. We wish you well with your next endeavors.

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