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Si vous deviez quitter Kerry's Place Autism Services, quelle en serait la raison?

5 réponses

A safer job where I’m appreciated with equal or better pay.

Management has no accountability. Employees hardly ever hear from the manager; messages go unanswered regularly. Work extra hours, don’t get paid for them. Go above and beyond and never get recognition. You only get promoted if you get your nose a little brown because working there for years and actually knowing your job and Autism means nothing for managers. It’s all about the money. That’s why I would quit.

A job with more pay although im contented with my hourly wage. Also as of right now i wouldnt leave KPAS but eventually look into another position within the same organization.

Grow professionally
Greater pay

Probably because of their unrealistic expectations of what your job duties would be compared to the salary. Really? I can make $15/hr working in retail with set hours.

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