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Behavioural Interventionist in Thomasburg, ON
le 26 janvier 2021
the best crises prevention intervention is one that always deescalates the situation
When working with autism, it presents itself in many challenges which requires you to be trained in many different areas at many different levels.Such as working with the individual, the different levels of government or the company itself working on the growth, development and safety of said individuals.The best intervention is a peaceful one, the no reaction reaction.Now let's get to work 💪
Autism Assistant - Residential in Newmarket, ON
le 23 décembre 2020
Residential is a joke!
Interesting climate to work. They hire people with no experience. Management does nothing to increase the residents quality of life. It’s a business. The pay is low and the hours are long. Only perk you can work OT hours quite often. Not a lot of support for frontline workers. Nobody gets fired even if the staff don’t do there jobs. Very cliquish and certain homes are worse then others. Houses are falling apart and if fixed it’s done the cheapest way possible and not right. My suggestion is to apply elsewhere but if desperate apply to Kerry’s Place. It’s unfortunate because it could be a great place to work if they hired experienced ABA staff and staff with ASD experience not just train them through Kerry’s Place as it is not enough.
Autism Support Assistant in Pickering, ON
le 14 décembre 2020
Staff are worse than the clients!
Staff behave worse than the clients! The gossip, rudeness and disrespect from staff is something i simply could not stomach. Within 2 weeks of starting, i already had coworkers spreading false things about me behind my back and making me wanna quit. The part timers get bossed around and made to do all the grunt work that the associates don't ever feel like doing and the environment just sucks. Oh and the location is the worst! On paper its in Pickering but in reality, its in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive on dirt roads full of pot holes that destroy your car.
Autism Consultant in Aurora, ON
le 9 décembre 2020
Do not recommend
The staff turnover is like a revolving door and it shows. As soon as you walk into head office everyone is walking around like a zombie completely miserable and quite rude actually. There is no sense of direction for this agency and they lack the ability to be sensitive to on going events in the world such as covid, cultural sensitivity and do NOT operate with an anti oppressive lens. One step into head office and you can see that right away.
Support Associate in Belwood, ON
le 4 novembre 2020
Horrific place to work for
If my title didn't scare you ...then continue to read. Absolutely a horrific place to work for. Low pay, ceo seems to think you can schedule like nurses but pay as low as min wage, no flexibility with anything at all, management is horrid and most have less work experience than the frontline staff (not to mention have absolutely no heart when it comes to their staffs lives), the directors are as useless as they come, did I mention their hr department? Just stay away they treat their long time staff (just ask some belwood folk) like garbage and no better than new peeps. No room for accomodations...from having a disability to being pregnant...stay away!!!!
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Publié le 26 juin 2020
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