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I would start my day at 7:30 and have customers already waiting, I would take down their information and diagnose the concern they are having with their vehicle. I would then provide them with a quote and time on when the vehicle would be ready. This would continue up until 2pm none stop. This job taught me how to move in a fast paced environment where i wold be keep up with customers concerns, making sure the technicians are do the correct work while answering the phone and helping new customers that are coming in. Management I found was inconsistent, some days they would be right next to you helping with any problem or if work picked up and we just needed an extra hand, while other days I wouldn't even be able to find them for hours. The co-workers were good and have no complaints besides I felt that we were understaffed and over worked which would result in bad moods and extreme stress. The hardest part of my job is keeping onto of many different technicians and relaying the information correctly and straight forward to the customer so that they have a full understanding of whats wrong with the vehicle and what it will cost. this was difficult in some cases because most customers didn't have a clear understand of cars. the most enjoyable part is talking with the customer and providing them the best customer service that they deserve and feeling their gratitude when the job was done on time and at the same cost we discussed and having the leave satisfied.
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had bbq every couple months and had raffles
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long hours with no lunch break
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