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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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bon travail et salaire acceptable

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Tres bon travail 100% de chariot elevateur environement de travail securitair a un ritme rapide beaucoup de travail a un bon salaire et caliter de travail acceptable

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100% forklift operation

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environement refrigerer un jour sur deux
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Not too bad

has no benefit at all, overall, stable working hours, easy job, just interpreting what clients and customer said. sometimes it can be hard, but overall, its good to try
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  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
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Good for work-life balance

If you're a new interpreter, you might find it quite intense and difficult at first. However, most content are covered during the 3-weeks training period so it will get easier.Break time is unpaid and tight, so there is limited time to eat lunch if you work full time.Pay is very low compared to the level of proficiency required to perform tasks.Nevertheless, you can work at home, manage your shift hours so I would say it is good for people who need the extra cash but have limited time to work every day.
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no security and Management

Oh, dear! This company is a joke. If you are ok with waking up in the morning and your pin is blocked for no reason by the admin team, then they have a job for you. If you are a language interpreter, then expect to accept calls from different dialects or even different languages, and when you have to transfer the calls because you simply don't understand what is being said, then they block your pin and call it " suspicious behaviour." Also, some of the talent advisors and the admin barely speak English. I could barely understand my recruiter, to be honest. You get no benefits at all. Just the base pay. They cut your hours if you are unavailable for even 2 mins. The admin teams are very disorganized and all over the place. The good side of this job is that you get to chat with other interpreters and also work from home.
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Flexible shifts, shifts are in PST. Some calls get a bit stressful - but thats the nature of job. Mostly you are on your own, and have to watch out for yourself out there. The calls are from clients (& client is always right), fast paced and need to have good ear-hand coordination (for note taking). A little compassion and patience gors lomg way.
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Quite stressful and bit low paid job

Compared to other interpreting companies, the hourly wage is quite low. Work is quite stressful, clients can be quite rude, many connections and sound quality issues. The only good thing is that you can work from home and relatively flexible schedule. It is nearly impossible to work full-time because it is incredibly stressful. I would encourage you to work as a part-time job.

Points positifs

Work at home (saves gas and time)

Points négatifs

stressful back to back calls, no time for bathroom break, low hourly pay
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Labour job with low pay

High call volumes on workdays, calls are often back to back, so it's very stressful. A lot of the times you don't even have time to go to the bathroom. They require you to work full time, and there's no flexibility (very hard to change schedule). They charge their clients 237USD an hour for an audio call but only pay their employees ~5% of the profit. Plus there're no benefits, paid leave, career advancement, etc. The high turnover rate also says something about this job.
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They will bleed you dry at dirt pay, no HR, no management, no hope

As I said previously, they prey on those who think that their work will help others through interpretation. They'll claim to they are there to help and make a difference, but they know that once you are in you will essentially work non-stop for extremely little pay. They also make sure employees do not contact each other so that conversations do not evolve regarding the horrible lack of HR, pay raises, and lack of true managerial support. For a select few, they offer to pay them a dollar more an hour to be "supervisor/recruiters", giving them the illusion of power and thereby creating an almost gestapo type of atmosphere of "snitches" that insert themselves in whatsApp group chats of those employees that actually managed to find each other to discuss working conditions. It's no coincidence that grievances discussed in these group chats magically appear as warnings on the employee platform (where you are also discouraged to express any opinion because it is not "professional"). These "supervisors" that get paid that extra dollar an hour tend to promote the "if you don't like it you can leave" mindset because "we are getting many more new interpreters". It's you that have the problem if there's an issue. A great corporate example of gaslighting. So yes, they portray themselves as a progressive company (with a $100 lottery for a couple of random devoted employees, just be "adherent" and you're set!), but on the inside they slowly push the narrative that you are disposable and are fortunate to work for them. Besides, there is always a new wave of potential interpreters - 

Points positifs

Illusion of Helping Others through Interpreting

Points négatifs

Their knowledge that they are exploiting their people, therefore treating you poorly as they will hire a new wave of unaware employees
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Easy to work for

I was worked for a third party through Kelly. Everything was smooth on my end, payment was prompt and any discrepancies were dealt with easily. I would allow them to represent me again.
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Very Unprofessional

They sell you on a job, then the contract says something completely different. Then they lie both to you and the employer to try to manipulate you into signing. That was the reason I decided to move on
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Never had any issues while I was a contractor with them. they payroll was always on time, they had open communication, a bit hard to get a hold of because HR with a busy lady but always got back to me. They are always very supportive to their employees career goals.
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A decent place to start, can improve. The pay is basic. Advancement opportunities are there but it might take a while. Management is okay and can improve

Points positifs

work is not hard

Points négatifs

Long hours and monotonous work.
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Not a good employer

Kelly services is an agency, temporarily hiring for an employer. There are no benefits and the hours of work fluctuate between 2 and 5 days of work in a week. Pay is low, not enough seats in the lunch room and if you drive there is not enough parking.
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Great Experience

I enjoyed my time with Kelly. I met a lot of amazing people and I highly recommend them! I learned alot, the people I worked with were great. Other secretaries are always there to assist.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Pay not great
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No benefits very little salary

They never help thier employees, there is no security for jobs I with Kelly Very low pay No support to employee They make 300 dollars per hour while they give the employee about 16-17 dollars There are no HR team to help eonployee incase of any trouble
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Management is very supportive

The management is very supportive in making sure you succeed in your role. They will really help you succeed and there’ is a lot of opportunity for advancement.
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Poorly paid compared to the amount of work you have to do

There is no benefits at all (health insurance, dental, days off). You constantly get calls and have 13 seconds between each call to catch a breath. Would not recommend
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friendly place and nice people but no job stability

It's temp work so it's low pay and not stable work. They have a lot of policies that make it difficult to use the experience of the placements they give you as a jumping off point for more secure work, which can be frustrating.
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Kind friendly easy-going workplace that treats you well

Worked for Kelly Services for about 9 months, never had a problem with them. Communicated hours well. Pay always on time. Friendly representatives that you can talk to. I would recommend them. Although I never planned on staying as long as I did, I would definitely always consider going back!
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not permanent

they only give few shifts although you applied for full time.......... sometimes they assigned you for different time shifts like from morning to afternoon shift

Points positifs

fast employment

Points négatifs

1 year contract only
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It depends on what company you are working for.

Kelly is very good, my talent advisor was incredibly helpful and always willing to help with anything you need. I recommend kelly to anyone. You can talk.
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