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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Kaycan?

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I was called by the HR department at the Kaycan Head Office where I had a pre screening phone interview, I was asked a series of questions. I was then called by the manager at the office to come in for an in person interview, I was asked again similar questions and went into a bit more detail about myself and my experience. I was advised of what my day to day job would look like and the expectations. They were very upfront with me about everything and all of their processes. I was called back a couple of hours later to fill out my credit/criminal background check forms.

Depends on the position, there maybe someone who contacts you first to screen the applicant.
Then when you do interview it is very casual though they will ask some questions there is not

really any structure to the interview. This is for even if there is a second interview as well however there maybe some others in your second interview without your knowing ahead of time.

However if you do succeed as an applicant they will ask you to do a criminal check while will also send you a credit check form as well which they will not tell you what it is. They only tell you that they would like to do a criminal check and then send the credit check along with it which they expect you to complete. They will not tell you about this at the interview or any of the interviews nor do they tell you in the email they send it to you in. You will have to notice the second attachment is a credit check and inquire yourself.

This company will explain it is part of policy implemented but will not tell why they need it or how they use it to either continue with the job offer or choose a different candidate depending on the results. Credit checks though allowed in Canada and one is not legally obligated to complete one this company lacks disclosing this information during the hiring process and one should be aware of. They do not disclose this information to interviewers or potential candidates in the job advertisement until they have made a decision they want to hire you.

They refused to give a direct answer to why they want a credit check and as well did not refused to disclose how the credit check impacts the decision to hire someone

Pay attention to all paperwork they send and they ask you to sign after your interview and review carefully before signing as they likely will not tell you exactly what each form is for and one needs to be aware that this company asks potential candidates to sign paperwork without disclosing what it is they want you to sign.

JUST SHOW UP. They'll hire you on the spot.

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