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Kambio Inc. is proud to announce a new auto and oil maintenance service that will disrupt a more than 50-year old industry that has remained constant and has never been challenged – until now. Rather than scheduling an appointment and spending valuable time in a car dealership or mechanic waiting room, Kambio’s crew of certified service providers offer – plus... on location auto maintenance and oil change services at your home, office or wherever you keep your vehicle.

Kambio’s certified and trained maintenance crews can provide guaranteed on-the-spot services including:

• Warranty-Approved Oil Changes (100% oil spill free service using the latest outfitted technology, oversized oil pans and special spill kits in the rare instance that a spill should occur)

• Waterless Car Wash

• Light Auto Maintenance (For example, wiper blade, light bulb or air filter changes)

• Tire Services (rotations and seasonal changes, and “hoteling” of tires in a secure and climate controlled facility so you don’t have to waist time with storage)
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