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Why did you leave your job at KFC?

14 réponses

Always changing schedules last minute, only 1 unpaid half hour break wether it's a 4 or 9 hour shift, extreme bias in pay and treatment of staff, no respect for anyone. I just could not be in such a depressing place

I had worked there for 3 years and I was training as a shift manager when I left. I had noticed that my store had been going downhill fast, and that I was working more hours but doing 3 peoples jobs while trying to do my own. It took a toll on me physically and mentally. Total lack of communication between management and the team members.

Customer service representative oppurtunity

It a very beautiful jobs

My pay wasn't good

Because I have worked here for two plus years, and would like to work at a place I am more passionate about.

I am still a team member at KFC.

At the time my kids were still small and no one would take care of them at home because my husband would work full time.

I went back to school

I'm still working for Kfc different company

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