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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez PFK?

10 réponses

I think they should care about the manpower in every team/store because it affected the business run the boat is sinking.

They did everything right as far as i am concered

Be kind and generous

Pay more attention to its employees, treat them better and allow them to grow.

They should be paying their shift managers better than $1 more than minimum wage. When minimum wage goes up, everything else in the real world costs more. This is a job for a teenager trying to make some extra money for themselves, NOT a career. Keep in touch with general managers on training. Enforce the workplace harassment law at work. Have more work meetings where the area manager can hear from the employees themselves what else is going wrong in the workplace.

Give them their hours

Need to give more hours but overall great place friendly people to work with

Give more hours on full timers

Listen to the employees

Better management

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