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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez PFK?

9 réponses

  • Customer service and respectful presentation....

  • Take managers to other stores to work when it's not a crisis so they could learn sometimes.
    Consistant raises, yearly?

  • I currently am a supervisor there and honestly my job is great, the crew gets along fantastically

  • Keep it clean and give fresh food

  • They should do a outing once in a year

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  • Focusing on the quality of products, equipment, and training of new staff. The previous store in Ottawa has good staff members but do need full-time management to keep things in order, and management that is rushed into the position.

  • I would find a permanent management position because they tend to change management roles quite a bit.

  • Give the reliable staff better hours

  • I love this place

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  1. Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez PFK?