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Si vous deviez quitter JW Research, quelle en serait la raison?

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I liked everything except the job expectations kept changing. First it was sign people up, then push the insurance and second card. All this is doable but when I’m supposed to get them to buy something that day when they already told me things like they are going to start building a house and it will come in handy I’m not going to try and get them to buy that day or when they want to wait for their building to start or for their spouse it’s wrong to convince them otherwise. I’m lucky they signed up in the first place. The final straw was when I wasn’t getting enough activations I was asked to lie and say that is how they get their 10% Canadian tire money. That’s low and untrue. The job would be great if it ended at signing people up and up selling insurance not lying and high pressure sales. They would hold on to employees if they got rid of their guilt trip

My own further studies

Lack of organization and communication. I felt thrown to the way side and set up for failure.

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