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Why did you leave your job at Journeys?

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Managers and Asistant Managers are expected to work a MINIMUM of 44 hours a week. On average you'd work between 46-50 hours a week. Times they encouraged working OPEN TO CLOSE shifts. Yes, 9am - 9:30pm.

No support from DM's.

For everything 1 great thing you do, they will nag you for 20 other wrong things you do.

No support. bullied. broken core values.

Was not supported by upper management, and was bullied out of my work place. i felt very unsafe.

It was just a seasonal position, I wasn't going to be there long to begin with.

I was offered a management position after a co-manager resigned. I verbally took the job. The next day I walked in and was told that since the co-manager changed his mind the job was no longer available to me

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