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A Complete Material Handling Solutions Offering

Since 1954, Johnston’s mission has been to develop valued customer partnerships by providing precision, cost-effective material handling equipment to move product in, out and throughout your warehouse; service solutions and tools to better manage your productivity; racking, storage and system solutions
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Head office in Mississauga, Ontario.Johnston Equipment's second building, one street away from Avebury Road.Equipment on the shop floor.Fleet of trucks.

Why Choose Johnston

Johnston Equipment prides itself on providing its employees a rewarding and fulfilling career. We strive to create an inclusive, supportive environment while providing opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, incentive programs and an excellent benefits package. When you join Johnston you are joining a team of outstanding individuals.

With 13 strategically located offices and more than 1,200 employees nationally, we are proud to be the leader within the Canadian material handling industry. The key to our success is an understanding that an effortless customer experience is the only acceptable outcome of each and every transaction.

Our Difference

When you need to Move, Manage, Store and Protect™ goods, Johnston Equipment’s Complete Solutions™ will help you to run better and manage smarter. Our Complete Solution begins with efficient, reliable material handling equipment such as forklifts, people-lifters and other industrial electric vehicles that are serviced with Ideal Maintenance™. This unique approach to service has been optimized for quality, speed and safety and is performed by the largest, most skilled technician base in the world.

Pride, Partnerships, People

Partnerships are the core of our business. We are dedicated to understanding our customer’s material handling and storage solution needs, and they rely on us to help them be more efficient and boost their productivity.

Our pride comes with knowing that we deliver a robust set of high-quality solutions with reliability and consistency.

It’s the people delivering our products and services in an efficient and safe manner who create an effortless experience for our customers.

That is the Johnston Equipment difference.

You Make the Difference!

We are a solutions-driven, customer-focused provider of material handling and storage solutions. When you are on the job for us, you take pride in knowing that your actions boost our customers’ productivity. Do you want to make a difference? We look to fill our available roles with customer-focused, self-starting individuals. If that sounds like you, then begin your search right here!

President's Message - It's Our Privilege to Work for You

The leadership position that Johnston Equipment holds within the Canadian material handling industry is a privilege: It is not something to be taken for granted, and never a status over which to become complacent. Customers are not just everything to Johnston in this regard: They are the only thing. In that sense, we recognize that the provision of efficient, reliable forklifts and related storage solutions is merely the first step in addressing their needs. Our customers require complete, smart solutions that are built upon innovative thinking; solutions that support flexible, cost-effective, and safe distribution practices, with minimal operational disruption.

Our objective thereby is that the customer experience with our products and services is “effortless”. To create this “effortless experience”, we recognize that we must be competitive, responsive, proactive, creative, and relentlessly committed to the requirements of our all-important business partners. We strive to over-achieve in this area by leveraging the strengths of our three value fundamentals: Our products, our service, and our people.

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Michael Marcotte

President & CEO

Johnston Equipment