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Je trouves que c'est un environnement évolutif et productif.
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Great experience

John Deere was a great working experience for me. I learned a lot under the foreman and got to work on some great machines. The people were friendly and the working environment was good.
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Work ethic

Good place to work as long as you are liked. The guys on the shop are union so you need to make friends to be helped. team effort in the office.

Points positifs

Contract pays overtime

Points négatifs

no permanent positions
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High Paced and Challenging, but a Safe Work Environment.

The John Deere Parts Division is very high paced environment, challenged with stringent departure times and specific metrics that must be maintained on a daily basis. As a Supervisor of the Parts Division you juggle many balls during your work day and its pinnacle that you're in alignment with your Co-Workers for overall Team success throughout all 3 shifts of the operation. The Senior Management has high expectations from their Supervisors and you're always called upon to do more. My co-workers and staff are excellent to work with. There is really no hard part about my position. From being a Supervisor for 21 years you always have to be prepared for challenges and changes in your work environment. I really enjoy working with people and the challenges it brings to your plate daily. I'm inspired when you're successful and you meet goals that you achieve with your staff.

Points positifs

Clean work environment

Points négatifs

Long hours - 24-7 availability.
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Great place to work !

In my almost 10 years with John Deere, I enjoyed the many challenges and diversity in the job function. Great Customer and Dealer relations that made it a pleasure to problem solve, offer support, earn trust and retain client loyalty.

Points positifs

Great benefits, yearly bonus based on performance, career development

Points négatifs

Too much turn over in upper management, greatly impacted communication
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Great working hours

My working hours are great, and are the reason for my employment. The culture at this place is a little behind the times. Change is a struggle, and ideas are difficult to implement.
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Part-time Job

cleaned farm equipment sometimes worked on small machinery coworkers were pretty good to work with worked sometimes with customers for finding parts or where equipment was placed did lots of inventory hardest part was usually having to spend outside on a hot day in the machines or tanks enjoyable part was the coworkers because it was a good environment

Points positifs

good hours

Points négatifs

Boss was sexist
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Awesome place to work for both company and employee.

In almost 50 years of work, I found John Deere the fairest and best company to work with. Wages and benefits were top notch.

Points positifs

Enjoyable and fair Company

Points négatifs

They moved the plant
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Fun work place

I was working in john deer through addeco employment agencies, its good fun working in john deer We get lots of fun with all employees

Points positifs

Profit sharing
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JDF - Oakville

This is an awesome place to work. Good environment, challenging work, as well as working for the largest agriculture equipment company in the world is pretty cool.
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Emplois et carrières chez John Deere

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A great place to work and close to home also.

A typical day involves a lot of problem solving of minor issues and a lot of workplace organization for about 30 employees. I have learned that working in a global company is very different in the aspect of creating change. It takes a long time and requires lots of follow up. The management team here is top notch with a lot of experience. My direct supervisor is one of the best I have ever worked for. The hardest part of my job is dealing with product that comes into the system which is incorrectly identified and we have to research it to correctly identify so it goes through the process correctly.

Points positifs

Direct supervisor, commute to work (7 minutes)

Points négatifs

limits on hours worked so extra work for overtime is limited.
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Seasonal work with peaks and valleys.

Was a good experience in my life. Positive people, good work experience and good seasonal hours. Free lunches were provided once in a while. The down side to this job is there is times with no work and little pay.

Points positifs

Free lunches and friendly staff.

Points négatifs

On call and busy all the time. Heavy dust and rotting product contaminating everything.
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Very transparent real time employee, sections, shifts evaluation system.

A typical day at work starts with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) peer to peer inspection, followed by supervisor to employee. After PPE inspections, all employees log in for a 15 minute update briefings which includes the previous day's summary performance, safety reports and feedbacks, the day's expected workload and an overall deployment and execution plan. This is followed by a 5 minutes stretching period before logging for various cost accounting activities. I learned the optimal teamwork, and optimum resource utilization where all activities are neatly fishbone planned, time controlled and carefully dovetailed into the logistics and distribution schedules. I highly rate the management to be the best I have worked under in my entire career. They are very supportive and have developed an inbuilt all inclusive continuous improvement structures with planned milestone commitments. Monthly feedback statics and performance highlights with revised targets are given on the last Thursday of the month without failure. Co-workers have an amazing bond, willing to help and complimenting each other to improve the shift score chart. The hardest part of the job is within the first few weeks of the job.
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Very professional and satisfactory company to work with.

Had many opportunities with John Deere over the years and was always ready, willing and able to learn new skills. Worked in Iowa for several months learning their systems and thus bringing information back to Woodstock office in order to interface information between both systems.
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Good place to get into Heavy Equipment Mechanics

None of the work is overly difficult, you learn the basics on lots of John deere equipment and every day was pretty good. Easy shift with a 5 on 2 off 8 hours a day. People are all very friendly and always willing to give you a hand if needed

Points positifs

Easy days

Points négatifs

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great team players

I was a proud employee of John deer. They made me who I am today in career. I have recently relocated, otherwise I would still be at this job
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Productive work place

Learned many productive skills from working in that environment

Points positifs

Meeting Different People

Points négatifs

Noisy Environment
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Good work place to work for, inspirational, motivating and appreciative

Typical day was 10hrs Welding/jig up/maintain exceptionally trained management overall nice work force of people manual labor job, staying fit was key rewards were bonus's, and job improvements. incentives were always nice to continually improve performance

Points positifs


Points négatifs

working man's job, you only get what you deserve
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Challenging and rewarding

Gain extensive experience fixing rear end axle differentials Physically demanding
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Good guy to work with

Plow snow off lease , learnt how to operator a skidder and various other things , co workers were good , hardest part of the job is sitting in the truck sometimes for hours or days on end .

Points positifs

Long hours, good pay

Points négatifs

Very slow days as you sit in a truck for hours
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Good work place with nice people

I really loved working in john deere,the work environment was very good and the employers were kind
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