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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Je trouves que c'est un environnement évolutif et productif.
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Insuffufficient accountability for missed target dates

In general not a bad company to work at, not the worst and not the best. Projected target dates were always missed. Really a result of poor project planning which had to be way out. Yet no accountability. "Just move the date back".

Points positifs

Decent people, good benefits package, please office are

Points négatifs

Union oriented, Lax project planning.
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  • Sentiment d'utilité
  • Absence de stress
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Fun stable work place

-LIFE-WORK BALANCE; -Hardest part of the job is attention to detail for this Internationale companies; sale numbers are big, so that every analysis needs accuracy and throughout details.
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Fun & Organised work

Good salary hours.Bonus,incentive, positive environment, review work, good managements, career opportunities, vacation day off, weekend hours, on call.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

short hours
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Great place to learn mechanics. Great people and work environment. Ok benefits. Managed well. Flexible work hours. Good safety records. I’d recommend working here.
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Great Co-Op experience

Wonderful people and a great company to work for. I consider myself lucky to have spent the eight months of Co-Op in this position. I would absolutely consider going back to John Deere and working with them full time should the opportunity arise.
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Good Place to Work

Great culture Managed by US teams Canadian teams can be considered secondary in decision making Supportive to employees Poor IT budgets Career growth limited outside of US

Points positifs

Employee Support

Points négatifs

Poor Career Growth Potential
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great people to work for

fast paced involved in all aspects from sales to service to delivery lots of room for advancement product knowledge easily obtained through seminars and courses overall great envirinment
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productive work place

The management was very focused, as such the productivity was excellent. As an operator the job as constantly the same, but challenging and rewarding.
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Good place

Performance recognized. A good place to work. Understanding supervisors. Additional pay every three months. Clean working space. And cheerful workers.
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Review of John Deere

This was a very interesting summer job for me. I was really happy with how welcoming everyone was. I really liked the culture and the energy from the people I was working with. I was given the opportunity to help out around the store as well as find ways to make small processes a little less grueling.
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Amazing place to work

Fast pace fun loving environment with total Team effort, Great benefits and bonuses. Management goes beyond to create family environment. Safety come first here and is never over looked .
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Great pay poor moral

Absolutely great company to work for regarding pay and benefits however their was zero work life balance many nights of bringing my children to work at 2am for on call work with zero flexibility.
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Productive and Fun

Our challenge everyday is to improve the productivity by making no error on shipping and receiving, making surer we are 1% plus every moment that we are working. It is a good environment to work.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

hiring less positive employees.
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Good people but low pay for Engineers

Good people, low pay. Management is good . They try to accommodate employees' personal specifics situations. small company and difficult to grow to higher positions.

Points positifs

good people, opportunity to learn

Points négatifs

lower pay than competition
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Stressful and overloaded with work

A typical day would include about 40-50 calls from customers. I've learned to multi-task very quickly. In order to full fill the customers on going requests through out the day, you have to be quick and efficient. A person in my department can process about 360-490 documents in one month. Workplace culture depending what department you work in, some are more stress free than others. They have a lot of meeting and try to reach their sales goals for each quarter. The hardest part of my job is being scored on calls. The most enjoyable is that we have one hour for lunch.

Points positifs

Free pizza, coffee

Points négatifs

Short breaks, stressful
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enjoyed going to work every day

nothing negative to say, great company to work with as my first part time job. amazing experience and loved going to work every day. i enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the skills i learned there and the memories
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Great company

Would like to have stayed until retirement but factory was closed and products produced were move from Woodstock to factories in the US. Overall those laid off were treated fairly and some relocated as expats on contract in the US.
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plenty of learning opportunities

I look forward to going to work every day. There is a learning opportunity around every corner if you take advantage of it. Management seem to be willing to work with you.
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Environnement de travail agréable

Bonne équippe de travail bien organisé. Le 5s est adopté au sein de cette entreprise donc c'est gardé propre.
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Great for HD Mechanical work experience

Very clean facility with some of the best safety procedures between the other trades jobs I have worked. Benefits are really good. Downside is they only apprentice a couple people a year out of hundreds of employees so chances of getting a certificate are slim

Points positifs

Good benefits, clean job considering it's a trades job

Points négatifs

Slow to no career advancement
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