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Je trouves que c'est un environnement évolutif et productif.
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Best place I have ever worked, hands down.

Excellent place to work, tons of opportunities to be trained in many areas, pay and benefits are great. High level of QA, this place takes quality seriously. Training is great, as they want everone to succeed and want everyone to produce within the same product standards. Only downside is that lay offs occur.

Points positifs

Free lunches, unionized, overtime, great pay and benefits, some pretty cool people too

Points négatifs

Lay offs and some women cause drama
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Great Place to work.

I enjoyed working for John Deere. Although extremely competitive the benefits outweigh the cons. Fast paced environment with so much to learn, but an endless supply of resources. Departments collaborate well.
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Was a great place to work until they decided to close the factory and move all work to the US

My colleagues and employees were awesome. Was a great place to work until they decided to close the factory and move all work to the US.
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It’s a place you come to work not to make friends or lollygag ,you will learn a lot in this fast pace industry. Great people,good just have to work for it..
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Fun place but not appreciated by management

People were fun and you were allowed to goof around quite a bit to make the day more enjoyable. Pay and benefits were average. Overtime was occasionally offered but never mandatory which was nice.

Points positifs

Hours, optional overtime, easy, relaxed job

Points négatifs

Management, cheap company
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The job is easy, everything else is not.

Warehouse working conditions are deplorable. The management team are unprofessional and arguably incapable. Confidentiality is nonexistent amongst supervisors and they relish in the reprimanding and firing of wage workers. Their actions create a hostile work environment as animosity and fear grow amongst the workers. Having a voice and asking questions is not permitted, unless you are okay with losing your job. HR is there to support and protect the company, leaving you powerless as a wage worker. If it were not for the slightly above average warehouse wages, this place would be more of a revolving door than it already is. It's embarrassing to be associated with this company, it's not what it used to be.
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Productive and fun times

Good place to work with room for advancement..good employee engagement is okay for the most part..apprenticeship are available for heavy duty technician..
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Great coworkers

My coworkers became like family. In the 9.5 years I worked there I enjoyed going to work. I enjoyed my job doing the various tasks in the paint and package department. I would still be there if the factory wasn’t closed and operations consolidated at another location. The only thing I felt was lacking is the communication from management to production level staff.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Communication from management
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low pressure easy work

It is a nice place to work with low expectation. No fault policy where you are expected to work at your own ability level. Lots of employee and management politics. HR runs the shop at times. If you focus on the work in from of you and ignore what everyone else is doing the job is ok.

Points positifs

Benefits are the best I have ever had.

Points négatifs

Job ended as plant shut down.
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Respected and appreciated

One of my favourite places to work. Wonderful co-workers. Respectful environment. Good to the workers. I felt respected for the work I did. Thanked for special efforts. Appreciated. Interesting work.

Points positifs

Workers are appreciated for their efforts

Points négatifs

I was a long term contract worker that the US head office would not hire on full time.
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Do not work on contract. Direct hire is the only way to go if possible.

Being a contract employee, I was not welcome to participate in the company culture activities and was made stay behind at my desk while the rest of the company would attend monthly rally meetings, morale boosters, shareholder updates, etc. It felt segregated in that regard and had the opposite effect of decreasing my morale.
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Unappreciated feeling the whole time I worked there. Was treated like a number and constantly pressured for results with absolutely no formal training and limited resources.
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Not a good place . They hang a carrott for years to get a apprenticeship

Doesn't pay enough. Takes some time to earn a quality holiday. Takes for ever to get apprenticeship. Some years they don't even offer one. Then when they do it's only one for the year. Not what they protect about the best company to work for. Far from that.
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No Work/ Life/ Salary Balance

Good pay for 8 hour days but it becomes 10-12 hour days fairly quickly and consistantly without an increase in pay. It can quickly consume your evenings and weekends. Field team is a great group. There is a disconnect between management and everyone else below them in the office.
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dedicated to their strategy

very aligned with their strategy. great company. in need of some turnover in the higher grade employees. stuck in their ways a little. turn a blind eye on some HR problem employees
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Not good

Hard place to work, coworkers are great but the management sucks. They don’t take into consideration that we are human and have lives outside of work. They expect us not to get sick and harp on us if we do.
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Management was excellent; the work culture on floor was poor

JD is a great place to work when you're just starting out in the workforce. There is little to no room for advancement. Management was excellent though.

Points positifs

Management cared and compensated employees above measure

Points négatifs

The work was tedious and the work culture was somewhat toxic
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Good place to work

Was a good place to work until the forest industry had a fallout and layoffs happened. The strength of the company is determined by the strength of the forest industry.
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Paid Good

Paid good but no work life balance. Not flexible in leaves and very strict towards attendance which has its negative and positive aspects connected to it.
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Productive and a fun place to work

there is a fun and relaxed atmosphere. the employees are friendly and are willing to help you as well as mangement. they promote a safe work enviroment
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