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Welland, ON10 avis

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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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One of my favourite places to work. Wonderful co-workers. Respectful environment. Good to the workers. I felt respected for the work I did. Thanked for special efforts. Appreciated. Interesting work.

Points positifs

Workers are appreciated for their efforts

Points négatifs

I was a long term contract worker that the US head office would not hire on full time.
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Great company to work for in all aspects including benifits and safety

I worked for John Deere for 20 years and could not have found a better more caring company. They always kept all employees up to date with any training needed to do your job effectively and safely.

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Great Company

Points négatifs

Company shut down
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Awesome place to work for both company and employee.

In almost 50 years of work, I found John Deere the fairest and best company to work with. Wages and benefits were top notch.

Points positifs

Enjoyable and fair Company

Points négatifs

They moved the plant
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Good work place to work for, inspirational, motivating and appreciative

Typical day was 10hrs Welding/jig up/maintain exceptionally trained management overall nice work force of people manual labor job, staying fit was key rewards were bonus's, and job improvements. incentives were always nice to continually improve performance

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Points négatifs

working man's job, you only get what you deserve
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another production job

boring work was able to move from job to job inside plant so it wasn't to bad but eventually it got to me and i decided to look for something else.
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Good place to work.

I was a welder and tacker.Plant shut down moved to Mexico.Without any notice ,it was a surprise.
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Very organized, clean, safe enviroment to work.

Fast paced assembly line. Teamwork was essential. Safety was also a very important aspect of the job. Continually upgrading our skills and knowledge to maximize production in a safe manner. Maximum communication with management. Enjoyed going to work everyday.
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Most bizarre and backwards place to work ever.

Incompetent management.No surprise that John Deere closed this factory.No surprise at all.

Points positifs

good pay, unless you were hired within 10-11 years. then your pay was half of others. sad.

Points négatifs

miserable management, miserable employees.
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200 years old

very fast paced company ,felt like family and enjoyed the work and working with talented people.

Points positifs

products are the finest in the world

Points négatifs

closed the plant
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Nothing runs like a Deere.

When I took this job on, I didn't realise I was taking work from others who were about to lose their jobs. From the beginning of this job my supervisor did nothing but lie to me. The company prided them selves on being safe, however you were only allowed to use P.P.E. given by the company, regardless of whether it fit properly or not. The Security department reminded me of something you would see in a film about the Gestapo, yet when my vehicle had it's wind-shield smashed in the parking lot, I wasn't even able to get a copy of the security camera's tape.

Points positifs

i know to never buy any john deere products.

Points négatifs

just about everything.
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à Welland, ON
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