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Nisku, AB24 avis

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Was great till they decided to let 200 staff go out of the blue. Had to continue to work for 2 months after they told us we would be closing in order to get severance.
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Toxic, High Mac and Manipulative (dark triad of personalities)

Management overloads employees, throws people under the bus on a regular basis. Less time should be spent on gaslighting and phony appreciation events, and more support for daily operations.
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An excellent place to work. Very supportive environment

Very good place to work. Unfortunately due to covid related challenges the work site did closed down. Before covid the management had done a wonderful job creating a safe and enjoyable work site. Employees were frequently tread to free lunches and family oriented events.

Points positifs

Very safety oriented

Points négatifs

Communication between different levels of staff/managers could have been better
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Was a great place to work until they decided to close the factory and move all work to the US

My colleagues and employees were awesome. Was a great place to work until they decided to close the factory and move all work to the US.
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It’s a place you come to work not to make friends or lollygag ,you will learn a lot in this fast pace industry. Great people,good just have to work for it..
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Fun place but not appreciated by management

People were fun and you were allowed to goof around quite a bit to make the day more enjoyable. Pay and benefits were average. Overtime was occasionally offered but never mandatory which was nice.

Points positifs

Hours, optional overtime, easy, relaxed job

Points négatifs

Management, cheap company
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Great coworkers

My coworkers became like family. In the 9.5 years I worked there I enjoyed going to work. I enjoyed my job doing the various tasks in the paint and package department. I would still be there if the factory wasn’t closed and operations consolidated at another location. The only thing I felt was lacking is the communication from management to production level staff.

Points positifs

Great benefits

Points négatifs

Communication from management
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low pressure easy work

It is a nice place to work with low expectation. No fault policy where you are expected to work at your own ability level. Lots of employee and management politics. HR runs the shop at times. If you focus on the work in from of you and ignore what everyone else is doing the job is ok.

Points positifs

Benefits are the best I have ever had.

Points négatifs

Job ended as plant shut down.
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Not a good place . They hang a carrott for years to get a apprenticeship

Doesn't pay enough. Takes some time to earn a quality holiday. Takes for ever to get apprenticeship. Some years they don't even offer one. Then when they do it's only one for the year. Not what they protect about the best company to work for. Far from that.
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Not good

Hard place to work, coworkers are great but the management sucks. They don’t take into consideration that we are human and have lives outside of work. They expect us not to get sick and harp on us if we do.
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Management was excellent; the work culture on floor was poor

JD is a great place to work when you're just starting out in the workforce. There is little to no room for advancement. Management was excellent though.

Points positifs

Management cared and compensated employees above measure

Points négatifs

The work was tedious and the work culture was somewhat toxic
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Poor Management

The whole company is poorly managed with no respect for employees. They offer no room to advance or grow as an employee unless you suck up to management/ supervisors .

Points positifs

good hours, decent pay

Points négatifs

poor management, no advancement, no consequences for bad behavior
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productive and easy going workplace

I knew what the goals were every week and how to go about getting the job done. Everything was laid out for you to figure out, maybe a step above assembling ikea furniture but not quite rebuilding an engine on your own.Alot of folks there with alot of years served so that tells you the culture and overall environment would support a career in the field.Not the greatest wages but you can live and the job will survive through albertan economic woes with oil.
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Very productive fun workplace

Amazing place to work for, I worked 2-10 Monday - Thursday. I got pregnant with my first child and decided to move back home. John Deere is a highly regarded company with very high corporate morals and a culture of always doing what is right for the customer and for their employees. They do set the bar high for performance and field managers often are required to work well beyond the typical 8 hour work day, so work life balance tends to suffer. It is a difficult company to advance within unless you are prepared to relocate and have an MBA, however the company will pay to get one for employees that are willing to take the challenge. Sr. Management positions in Canada often go to US employees on a ex-pat program. Salaries at John Deere are fair and merit increases are based on a combination of employee and company performance. While Sr. Management opportunities are rare, lateral job change opportunities at the mid manager level are abundant for employees who are willing to relocate and/or change their current job function. Employee morale within the office environment tends to be higher than for home based field managers due to the imbalance in home-work life for field people.

Points positifs

Fair wages

Points négatifs

Long hours
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great low stress place

Great place to work at, relaxed work environment. they really care about each person that works there and everyone's treated like family. only down side is hard to advance positions.

Points positifs

steady work

Points négatifs

hard to get apprenticeship
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safety orientated and fun place to work

good environment as well as good fellow employees, long hours for good pay. great benefits but poor time off allocation for employees, was a bit of a drive for anyone not in the immediate area but overall was an excellent company to work for
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Great place to learn mechanics. Great people and work environment. Ok benefits. Managed well. Flexible work hours. Good safety records. I’d recommend working here.
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plenty of learning opportunities

I look forward to going to work every day. There is a learning opportunity around every corner if you take advantage of it. Management seem to be willing to work with you.
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Great for HD Mechanical work experience

Very clean facility with some of the best safety procedures between the other trades jobs I have worked. Benefits are really good. Downside is they only apprentice a couple people a year out of hundreds of employees so chances of getting a certificate are slim

Points positifs

Good benefits, clean job considering it's a trades job

Points négatifs

Slow to no career advancement
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Great experience

John Deere was a great working experience for me. I learned a lot under the foreman and got to work on some great machines. The people were friendly and the working environment was good.
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A great place to work and close to home also.

A typical day involves a lot of problem solving of minor issues and a lot of workplace organization for about 30 employees. I have learned that working in a global company is very different in the aspect of creating change. It takes a long time and requires lots of follow up. The management team here is top notch with a lot of experience. My direct supervisor is one of the best I have ever worked for. The hardest part of my job is dealing with product that comes into the system which is incorrectly identified and we have to research it to correctly identify so it goes through the process correctly.

Points positifs

Direct supervisor, commute to work (7 minutes)

Points négatifs

limits on hours worked so extra work for overtime is limited.
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