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3.6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bonne compagnie, mais...

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Bonne compagnie, avec une devise qui favorise la progression de la carrière (Achieve ambitions), de bonnes conditions dans l'ensemble, mais c'est toujours dépendant de l'environnement sur le contrat où on est affecté... J'y retournerais peut-être, mais je négocierais certaines conditions différemment.

Points positifs

assurances payées par l'employeur

Points négatifs

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low pay for the qualifications they expect you to have, good time off work life balance but management seem to a bit all over the place. HR is useless. Over all not a bad place to work if pay was a little higher.

Points positifs

all safety gear and tools supplied

Points négatifs

night shift, changing schedelues, dumb policies
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Worst Company Ever

Worst company ever, very disappointing to work for, everyone in management cover their tails and blame everyone else. No training, no onboarding, they call me a superstar, yet I have no clue what my job is. Will never recommend this company. Toronto office, too much politics, kiss tail, and little work done. Your scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is the mentality. Suck up to clients even though they have no clue what they are doing.

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Points négatifs

everything is toxic with this workplace
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Toxic environment I do not Recommend

The culture at this office was toxic because of the poor attitude of management. Turnover is extremely high and employee morale is low. I immediately began job searching as soon as they placed there me.

Points positifs

Being able to work from home and watch movies during company time.

Points négatifs

Having to work long hours past 8 hours a day.
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No recommended at all

- Terrible management in Canada is terrible-The pay is for 2-3 jobs compressed in one - No job stability-NOT a good work environment- HR does not care about employees’ problems-Very money-oriented company, so you as employee don’t have any value for them. Overall, it is unethical company in many aspects.

Points positifs

Working from home

Points négatifs

Terrible management in Canada is terrible, The pay is for 2-3 jobs compressed in one, No job stability, NOT a good work environment
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Not recommended at all - No matter how hard you work , you will regret it .

Disorganized & Bad management from A to Z- Low salary-Heavy work load - No job security- No communication between management and employees . No knowledgeable managers . Not recommended at all.

Points positifs

Nothing .

Points négatifs

Disorganized & Bad management from A to Z- Low salary- Heavy work load - No job security.
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Great people great company

The team environment is amazing and it gives you a sense of security and belonging. The management is very helpful and it helps you succeed. I strongly recommend.

Points positifs

Great environment

Points négatifs

Haven't come across a con yet.
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Very thorough as to the individual that was required for the site

This was my second job with JLL.I was brought into an account site that could not keep a Facility manager due to the stress and site difficulty.I areed and accepted the job offer as an Assistant Facility Manager, to be addressed in 6 months upon site ratings review.Site ratings were at a level 2- 3 when I started.I put a team in place including re hiring the previous facility coordinator.Site level scores were brought up to an average of 3 to 4.5 within the first year.After being at the site for almost 2 years , I continued to ask about my promotion as enitially discussed at the interview.relationship at the site was the best it had ever been.( clients words)During my time at the site I had supported and interviewed candidates 2 times within 2 years for 2 other account sites for the position of Facilities Manager.As well During my time on the account my team was able to save over $500.000.00 on cost savings/avoidance and energy savings.received 11 VIP awards during this time.June 26/ 2020 JLL decided that I was being released from duties.The individual I interviewd guided/assisted for 6 months took over my team.JLL account team management treated me unfairelly.The only reason is they have the wrong individuals in certain positions
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Great workplace

As project coordinator, your role is to support the PM with admin stuff, asking for funding, preparing documents for bidding, etc...The role can change depending on the team and account you are working with.They promote collaboration and work/life balance.
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No job stability

The pay is good but no job stability. I was going work and I did not know if will have work in next day any small thing they let you go. Lots over safety rules that make the simple job take long end you will be branded to be slow. if try to break any you will kicked out from the building. Lots pressure and stressful.
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Fast pace and good culture.

Both office and site job. You review drawings and do documentation and then you have commissioning at site. Low salary but good work culture with highly structured management.
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Productive and learning environment

An ethical company with food social awareness Good learning environment Work/life balance Teamwork and collaboration A Credible company to work for, partnered with Huge organizations.

Points positifs

Work/life balance

Points négatifs

Salary low
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The pay is for two jobs compressed in one. Handy man, and skilled technician. They require hvac permit without following the salary grille. Apart from that all good organization.
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Management Issues

- bad practices from Management - Hiring family members - hiring friends with fake experience and then promoting them in less than a year - with nothing proved from them.
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a great place to work

JLL is a great place to work the people there were supportive and assisted you as needed. Management was understanding on the balance on life and work.
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Great teamwork!

Worked well with others. Colleagues were helpful, WFH based (very productive), very accommodating company, great benefits. Very friendly environment, responsive when issues occur, such as workload where work is divided equally between the team.
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Good work environment

Work load casn be demanding at times. Helpful management. Good work life balance. Suppotive senior management. Opportunities to relocate or take another position with the international corporate job posing.
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Good company to work and join

Really friendly environment lot of benefits opportunity to for promotions . its huge company where you can explore your self with lot of others employees which are always ready to support you.
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Poor upper Mgt

NOT a good work environment. Poorly managed from the top down. 3rd party mgt so their bottom line is to make the client happy with no regard as how this can be accomplished. Lots of promises very little delivery.
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professional, high pace environment

Fast-paced environment requiring long working hours and frequently interacting with large teams of project managers across the country. close collaboration with the client in a highly structured organization.
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Fun place

JLL is a reputable company. They also emphasized the work balance live. The colleagues there are generally very helpful and very warm. It is a nice place for newbie to learn .
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3.6Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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