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Où voyez-vous Jiffy Lube dans 10 ans?

2 réponses

Initially I liked working there for 1 week. Thereafter, I really didn't like. Because I saw coworkers were messing with my work. So, initially they helped me a lot. But then i saw coworkers help you and then they tell you its not proper at all. What do i mean is just bullying.


One person tell me do the work and once i start working on it, the second person comes and tell me to do something else. And tell me to leave the current task. Then the first person comes at tells me why is that job is not done. I was one the senior worker told me to leave that task. Lots of miss-communication.

Even " Manager made comment how i look. Which was so bed and made feel so insecure at work. Because manager itself is no idea how to behave and does bullying."

My future at jiffy lube can become much more then then just lube tech

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