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Si vous deviez quitter JATEC, quelle en serait la raison?

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  • The most common reason that anyone would leave Jatec, is the managers.

  • Bad management

  • Would not work here, they treat you good at first then micro manage you and send manages to spy on your workers and your operations then send it back to the ceo. Bad management

  • Worst management I 've ever worked with spying on employees to make sure they are taking their breaks at the right times to being laid off without any notice ! They say room for advancement I spent 2 years as the only other jman and not a single penny for a raise F JATEC

  • Poor management, poor organization, nothing is done for the workers, management that's in charge is less experienced than half the workers. No room to advance unless you're in the inner circle and brown nose.

  • Bad management.

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  1. Si vous deviez quitter JATEC, quelle en serait la raison?