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What are the perks offered by Elizabeth Centre?

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Perks offered by Jarlette Health Services include but are not limited to:

- Perkopolis membership

- Employee Recognition Program

- Tuition Reimbursement Program

- Comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement Programs

- Multi- disciplinary team based approach that creates opportunity for employees to make meaningful contributions to the residents, community and the organization.

- Employee Referral Incentive Program

- Mentorship and Leadership Development

- Pension and Benefits (dependent on employment status)

- Competitive Compensation

The above are a few examples of Perks that are offered at Jarlette. Jarlette Health Services has built a tradition of creating careers for our people to enable them to truly make an outstanding difference. We are a Canadian company with over 40 years experience in providing residential and long term care for seniors in Ontario. Jarlette is a respected leader in our field, where we combine innovation and tradition to benefit the lifestyles of our residents and our employees. At a Jarlette owned and operated Home, resident comfort and care is taken to new heights. A comfortable atmosphere where residents can feel at home.

13 août 2018

Nice people

Small family company
P and P always up to date and correct

Staff to Res ratio is good

Pay raise after you hit a certain amount of hours. Family and the residents are wonderful.

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