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Si vous deviez quitter Jarlette, quelle en serait la raison?

9 réponses

The reason I DID leave after working there for a decade is because of the hostile working environment. Poor management, short staffing, neglect to the residents because of staffing levels causes by poor management. Vicious cycle. Never ended. Management sure puts on a good show when the ministry shows up. They love to pull the wool over people's eyes and make it "look good" on paper. Don't be mislead!

I loved working there until Maple Ridge took over the Housekeeping

Why is it that in Leacock the management always send the people from agency home and they are always shut of staff and 90% of the staff at Leacock are not friendly
Why one staff working in a floor of 35 resident at night want no help from other staff. Why is it so bad working at Leacock

This place is an extremely terrible place to work. The environment is so hostile, just terrible words aren’t enough to explain. The workers complain that they are short staffed but when new employees are hired they are not supportive. The report about the silliest things, the managers are so bad, they don’t try to find out things or resolve issues. BAD!!!!!!.

If I was to resign from Jarlette it would be to take the next step in my career. It would be with the heaviest of hearts as the staff and Residents are a amazing. But there is so much opportunity to move within company to other homes or lodges that should not need to leave the Jarlette company.

Management & bullying. It’s all women who are the worst. To much drama!

Poor management team, constant
turnover of Registered staff. Very negative environment. Very negative. New grads research the facility and find out why there is constant turnover with registered staff. Toxic environment all the time, every shift.

The way it is run. Always negative feedback. Never anything positive. Not a healthy work environment.

Yes poor management team and no support
from them

Always working short or with agency

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