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Not for those that actually have a work ethic and high standards and expectations of performance and service.

This merchandiser dared to advocate for his stores, and was terminated for his efforts, due diligence and high standards.

Even attempting to reach out to Human Resources and Upper Management on matters and issues related to a particular franchise-owned store and immediate Territory Manager's handling of same. Issues that stem back more than two years before this merchandiser's tenure with the company.

Consequently the Territory Manager in question had this merchandiser, with some 30 years of retail experience, terminated. effectively for the sole reason of calling her out on her own failures and performance issues.

Irrespective of the fact that performance was exemplary and ethics, accountability, standards of service, career and vocational experience clearly reflected on performance and ability. Well documented over several months of reliable service.

This merchandiser held high standards and expectations, taking the work seriously, to a fault. Seeking solutions to any and all problems, issues, and concerns whatever they may be.

Reaching out to those in capacity to support, assist and facilitate to that end. If noting failure on anyone's part thinking "outside the box" and endeavoring to support and advocate for stores, staff and management on the frontline, even if that exited the finite scope of "job description".

More often than not praised, given kudos and appreciation for taking on those initiatives.

Yet in this rare instance, in 30 years of retail career experience, seems not to be the case instead met with ignorance and arrogance.

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Corporation dysfunction and utter total lack of baseline communication or respect for stores, management, franchise owners or frontline merchandisers.

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Do you have a Car!!!!! that is a must to travel from store to store..

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