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I loved working there at first. Lots of disfunction at first it seemed manageable.I was asking about a raise as I wanted to know the hrsThe second in charge told me the manager was in process of finding how to fire me. As actually they didn't follow the union rules regarding pay I would have been owed many hrs of over time as would others. They were worried I would realize and file a grievance.I had an allegation and upon return to work I was told it was still being investigated and that viha thinks I did something.I was utterly horrified however it was a lie.. I had a yr and half of this.Then I'm told I need a meeting with my union rep. I had enough and my fiancé asked me to quit.Basically they deserve each other.. could be an amazing place if some management changes made. When I quit I got ei, the EI rep said to me I believe in karma in all my years of doing this it's wow.. she was told I was a good worker but got upset over what occurred I couldn't take it.or they would have offered me a different job. At the other house . meanwhile they had tried to reprimand me for abuse over something that didn't occur and I got ei .. It took me 6 months to recover from this experience.I had job offers and interviews. But this company refuses to say much to potential employers. I emailed the hr person who keeps responding here.. she ignored it.

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 – 11 août 2020
This review is PENDING as it is for another employer - Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) as indicated in the review itself. WJS Canada is in no way associated with VIHA.

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