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What is the company culture at Vancouver Island Health Authority?

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  • Not a pleasant enviornment. This is a very negative, bullying environment. Orientation for the position was laughable! - Six different employees all with their own version of how the job is to be done. Cliquey and backstabbing. Management is a joke. Read the report on the toxic environment beforehand.

  • Typical Union environment. Understaffed and underpaid. Staff or supervisors not held accountable for there actions. Manager on site but not in department aware of daily issues. Culture very negative, typical for NRGH. Casual staff have a hard time finding enough work so they work in multiple departments. Staffing Service struggles with completing their assignments which affects the whole hospital. Very challenging place to work if you’ve never been in this type of environment. Technician-Nanaimo

  • Overworked, underpaid

  • This company employs 19,000. In the past few years they have been revamping the entire system - without consulting the frontline staff and hiring many, many middle management people. Those managers who run departments that can't keep staff are protected even when they are the reason. Wages have stagnated while the company enjoys record profits. Privatization is the norm these days.

  • Patient care is a priority.

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  1. What is the company culture at Vancouver Island Health Authority?