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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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excellent pour se former

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excellent pout débuter sa carrière- beaucoup d'opportunité a explorer
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Charge de travail élevée et stress ++

Comme plusieurs compagnies qui se disent différentes des autres avec un équilibre travail et vie sociale, ce n'est que de la fumée. Développement des employés n'importe pas, charge de travail élevé et le client doit avoir ce qu'il veut même si la compagnie dit ne plus vouloir de contrat de certains clients. Direction n'écoute pas ses employés.

Points positifs

Salaire concurrentiel

Points négatifs

Stress ++, direction non à l'écoute des employés
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  • Sentiment d'utilité
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Absence de stress

Great place to learn, limited room to grow

It's an OK company, as are numerous other companies (with decades of history). It's an nice place to expand your knowledge, but there's little room for personal growth. Due to the fact that all tasks are self-taught, we frequently felt that management could be better. They consistently expressed a desire for your success but never provided the necessary training or opportunities for growth.

Points positifs

Nice location, free parking, and decent benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Workload unreasonable, no management support, no work-life balance

Management was inexperienced and focused only on metrics. I have 20 years experience in this work, but lasted only 14 months here. There was no support from management. The quality of the work seemed unimportant (and this is clinical research!) as long as deadlines were met. There was no work-life balance. Even working 70 hrs./week, every week, could not stay on top of the assigned workload. In addition to the usual assignments and travel 3-4 days/week, there were volumes of online trainings to complete on an ongoing basis, meetings to attend and constantly new computer programs to learn for new studies. Never enough in-office time for all tasks. Stay away from this company. You will be nothing more than a number and a body.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Undoable workload, no work-life balance, poor management
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Flexible workplace with lot of learning oppertunity.

I enjoyed working in IQVIA. They are data analysis organisation and using latest hadoop technologies to build their legacy tools. I loved working here, had opportunity to learn new skills. Management were supportive and environment were encouraging.
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Supportive environment/team

I have had a wonderful experience with IQVIA. I have worked remotely in Canada with my support team in the US. They have been very helpful and I've had a positive experience with them. Would love to stay on but my project was not renewed.
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cool place to work

comfortable place to work. good work culture and good team subsidized food general shift work from home option available good number of leaves good management and facilities

Points positifs

subsidized food

Points négatifs

tight schedule sometimes
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Productive and good place to work

worldwide company. Productive IQVIA is a good place to work at. team are experienced from multiple nationalities, you deal with different cultures. most of the offices have flexible time and task based. and the management are friendly
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Good Work/Life Balance

IQVIA gives employees the opportunity to build a work schedule that suits their life. They offer a reimbursement on activities that allow me to get a free membership to my local tracker for the year.
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good place to start in health care ml

I dont want to tell anything at this moment, ml n dl part of job is more applied basis , increments can be frugal so start with a higher salary , folks are pretty decent n intelligent
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Productive and fun workplace for fresh grads

Work starts by reading and answering email queries, and then start data processing. I learned how to work on a fast phased environment. Management provides training and seminars, and have access on online training for certificates. Workplace culture is just like in any other BPO companies with teams and leaders. The hardest part of the job is during critical working days where you are supposed to finish different task in a short period of time. While the most enjoyable part of the job is the nature of environment, with your workmates and as well as the team leads and managers. Good workplace for a fresh start to develop communication skills and basic computer technical skills, and to expose to a corporate level company.

Points positifs

Meal Allowance, Health Benefits(Insurance, Card, etc.), Yearly Bonus, Incentives

Points négatifs

Travel Distance
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I loved my time here

I loved my time in this company, I could've stayed longer had I not have plans to move to Australia. Given the chance to work for this company again, I will.
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unhappy staff

Not a lot of room for growth. They tell you that they want you to succeed, but they don't provide the opportunity to grow. They Offshore a lot of the work.

Points positifs

free coffee

Points négatifs

expectations to work overtime
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Good Learning Position

I was able to hone my experience in the years served. I look forward to carrying the skill set learned into a new position where I can keep building this experience

Points positifs

Good location in west end of ottawa

Points négatifs

Expanding very fast
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Excellent job environment to work

very nice work environment , nice supervisor gym inside the company I learn a lot there and enjoy to have this opportunity to work in the world wide company
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It's like reliving highschool

Many IMS locations are filled with great people but, be warned... the Ottawa location is like a time warp back to when you were 16. Small groups of gossipy and hateful people, management that takes a page from narcissism 101 and a surprisingly under skilled, yet very very arrogant, workforce. Many who work there are just very unhappy, so the gossip and childish behavior is simply the result of an unchallenged mind. I'm not sure what keeps them there.. fear, helplessness, something else? The 'good' folks are few and far between, they are there but, hide in their cubicles. So, if you thrive on creativity, speedy decisions and have a passion for work and achieving something great with your career, you will be sorely disappointed working there. If simple is your thing, and like to spend your time in small talk about how horrible other coworkers are over coffee, while trying to avoid all responsibility (or shift blame) while still being paid well (and not having to work too much), well then you may fit right in.

Points positifs

Descent pay, minimal workload

Points négatifs

The people
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A good environment to learn and move up

Good place to work in a team environment. Work life balance is almost nil depending on what department you are working in.

Points positifs

Great team spirit, benefits

Points négatifs

Work life balance leaves much to be desired
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Productive and fun place to work with great benefits along with work/home life balance. Excellent colleagues who all work together as a team.

My position was home based. I have an office set up in my home. I learned to prioritize my work hours and my home life. I did not have a problem working in my office for 8 hours and then leaving it to complete my home life duties. I had a great manager and got along very well with all of my colleagues. The hardest part of the job was working alone and feeling disconnected at times from my colleagues. The most enjoyable part of the job was starting a project and seeing it through to the closure. I thought I was ready for retirement however quickly found out that I am not. Quintiles was a great place to work and I would really appreciate the opportunity to re-enter the workforce.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Travel and being away from home
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IMS Health

Amazing colleagues and work/life balance, they take good care of their people
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fun place to work for

reviewing my call nplan, then start calling on medical clinics around 9:00.. checking samples, what they need, expiry date of the ones in there, merchandising samples, chat a little bit with the doctors and or medical staff. I learned the value of customer service,. management is awesome, very supportive, have great team work with my counterparts. hardest part of the job, none, except when the weather won't let you work. most enjoyable is when the customers appreciate you for your service.

Points positifs

free lunch, meeting people
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