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3.7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Environnement de travail stressant mais très formateur

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Ipsos is an amazing company who respects you as a person, and your family needs. The sky is the limit here, as long as you are willing to work hard and insert yourself into opportunities you want.
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Great coworkers, inept upper management

The upper management was brain damaged above the team leader level. Poorly designed surveys, blame the interviewers for poor survey performance. The people who wrote the survey scripts were bad at english, the quality of the surveys were VERY bad, full of errors. They liked to hide things/processes when the owners from France would show up. The dialer speed was always cranked up too high, which results in thousands of calls/day where people we call pick up their phones to only hear a dial tone. Can't point that out to managers, because they know and do it anyways, or are too dumb to know this happens. Canadians hate these calls. They would tell me when I called them. Lastly, people DO NOT like to do 45min+ phone surveys, Ipsos is blind to this.

Points positifs

Coworkers and Team Leaders are great!

Points négatifs

Poor Call centre practices
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Great company to work for!

Ipsos is a great place to work that actually cares about and respects its employees. My manager is absolutely fantastic! There are lots of opportunities for advancement within the company.

Points positifs

Free coffee; perks

Points négatifs

Sometimes overtime is required
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Good company for starting

Good company for starting, greate team in reporting team, very nice team, can get support from the lead, but not much pay rate. Generally worth for a starting point
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home office

i was mostly working from home, but a great experience and time with the team in MTL office.
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It was an OK experience

It was ok for the most part and really chill but what lead alot of my coworkers and I to quit is that they started doing really intrusive surveys that we were not comfortable doing. We didn't have a choice in the matter so we decided to leave.

Points positifs

Decent break time and relaxed work environment

Points négatifs

surveys can very from fun to really intrusive on peoples privacy
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Fun and relaxing for a short term option

Supportive and great staff. Some cons would include some of the co workers not being chatty but that is just because they want to do their own thing. Great work and great management.
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Fast paced job and stressful

It's a fast paced job almost daily project deadline. Sometimes you can barely keep up with deadline requirements. The nature of the job doesn't match how much you are paid for.
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Productive workplace

The culture is slightly relaxed. There needs more collaborative and supportive work effort within internal staff members. The hardest part is finding work life balance and trying to receive more supportive efforts from the teams.
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Nice company

When I had to move they where very accommodating. In field the training was good and I was very comfortable on the phones right away. I enjoyed working with the various ppl that where employed there.
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Awesome place to work

Ipsos Reid was an Awesome place to work. I loved working at Ipsos Reid. It was a very fun environment to work in. I was capped to 12 dollars an hour. I wouldn't be able to get any more than that. I could have found another job that paid more then what Ipsos was paying me. I really enjoyed working there. As soon as we got laid off on Friday I started another job 2 days later for 17 dollars an hour. 5 dollars more then what I was getting paid. But, I missed what I was doing from my heart. I was competing every day to do most interviews than others. The best way it can be made with perfect monitoring skills. Till today when I get calls from Ipsos I always do their surveys no matter what I am doing. I really liked the environment. Everyone knew each other. We were like a family there for 7 years. I always missed Ipos Reid. If they come back to Edmonton I would be happy to work there again.
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Progressive - Work and Play

Great organization! Amazing opportunities and graciously rewarded for a job well done. Inclusive culture and constantly evolving to create more social awareness.
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Not reliable

They have trouble planning ahead on the workload and dont bother to inform their employees about it. As a part timer having two jobs makes it difficult to plan ahead since they can book you in for a few weeks and then cancel a few days before.
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Productive but difficult job

A difficult job as there was a lot of negativity from respondents and you would get anxious phoning people.
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It was a job

The job was hit or miss, depended on the client mostly. Management was pretty good at being responsive, however they tended to have their hands tied by higher levels.
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Too Much Pressure and Micromanaging for a Very Minimum Job

Not a good work environment at all- ok if you need something just to make a bit of extra cash, not as a full time job. You can’t even breathe because your live calls are constantly listened to and graded by team managers on a very subjective basis. Before you know it, alerts pop up on your screen asking you to meet with a call monitor or team manager for coaching. Lots of favouritism, as team managers decide on a subjective basis who gets frequently graded as “Needs Improvement.” The more you’re graded in the “Needs Improvement “ category, the greater the chance you could be fired as this will affect the greater evaluation of your performance. You may find at the most one sincere team manager, but the rest tend to be highly critical and you can tell they talk about some employees behind their backs. Too stressful a job for minimum wage and you’ll never get to save much of anything.

Points positifs

Helpful and friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

Highly critical team managers and supervisors, office politics, favouritism, high pressure and stress, not a motivating work environment
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awesome job

I loved working at Ipsos is was a very fun environment to work in. I learned a lot of news things and overall had a blast. I would work there again if I had the chance. Nothing bad to say about them at all.

Points positifs

fun managers

Points négatifs

sometimes hours got cut due to projects not coming in
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VP et gestionnaire manque de soucis pour les analystes

Salaire très peu compétitifs et Gestionnaire qui sont beaucoup trop exigeants et manquent d'empathie pour leurs analystes

Points positifs

Café gratuits, 5-7

Points négatifs

Salaire en dessous du marché et charges de travail trop exigeants
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Solid Workplace

Calm work environment. Flexible hours. Friendly colleagues and management who was very often available to discuss any problem that may arise. Have recommended to friends and would continue to do so.
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Good place for students

I worked at IPSOS for two years as a Bilingual Coder in Winnipeg. The best thing of Ipsos culture is the continuous training - which stands out of entry level jobs in Canada. They will make sure you are ready do carry out a good job. After a few weeks of training you will be continously coached by the Head Coder and Team Leader. The problem of this job is that you do not have a lot of room for growing. And the difference of wage between coders and head coders is only $1.25. They don't have many team leaders and those who they have are at the same position for several years. The negatives of this position is (1) that is very boring the coder thing; (2) it is a very cold environment, you say "good morning" and nobody replies; (3) they will reduce your hours when they are "light of job". In this respect, Ipsos is ok if you have another job, of if you are a student and cannot work a lot.

Points positifs

Great company

Points négatifs

Not a place to make your life
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3.7Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
3.4Salaire/avantages sociaux
3.2Sécurité de l'emploi/évolution de carrière
3.6Culture d'entreprise

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