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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

10 questions

Relaxed, they let you do what you want as long as the job gets done.

Réponse du 19 mai 2020

How to handle different personality, need more patiient and hardwork to finished the project according to time line.

Réponse du 14 juillet 2018

There are currently 60 employees in the Winnipeg office

Réponse du 13 avril 2020

Two week vacation policy after having worked there for at least 6 plus months

Réponse du 25 février 2019

Well i only left due to family illness so i wouldnt have left in the first place.

Réponse du 20 février 2019

Super friendly and laid back

Réponse du 25 juillet 2018

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Réponse du 2 avril 2018

There will be a typing test.
Prepare to explain gaps in employment, even if you are a student.

The interview will be the head HR director. Some trick questions may be asked that are having to do with your previous employment. A neutral answer is best. Such as "Which job was harder? Telemarketing or retail?" I used both options for my answer and provided a general example.

It's important to not go into too much negativity but don't gush about the positives, otherwise it will come off as phony. Everyone there started out as a survey interviewer, so they know how it is in reality.

Réponse du 2 août 2017
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