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3,3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Très belle expérience de travail. Employeur à l'écoute des besoins. Horaire stable.
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A terrible palce to work. Management is a club of people that don't know what they're doing but protect each other at the employees expense. The pay is terrible and watch your checks because they'll always be wrong

Points positifs

You can quit

Points négatifs

all of it
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Good pay, good teams

The contract and expectations are straightforward, clear, there is never any issues with pay. Communication with HR is answered in a reasonable time. Most clients are great to work with.
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Great crews, bad company

General lack of leadership from management contributes to large disconnect between office and field staff. At no point did I feel valued at the company. I wish I could speak higher of the company, but management treats employees like a number. Poor poor leadership
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I love ISOS

What is the best part of working at the company?Awesome company. I love being part of the team. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?I can't think of any. They provided all I needed to work efficiently. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I was treated with respect. I felt like an insiderWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?The typical 2 weeks on/off of an ACP
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Huge disconnect between management and field operators

Lower end of payscale. Management treats people as "Meat in Seats". Good group of people to work with but management and office staff do not treat them well.
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Great company. Professional. Good people.

Company is great. Flexible. Professional. Good teams. Good projects. Great benefits. Competitive wages. It’s expected that you are a self starter and can work alone or part of a team. Consistent work. Very engaged with keeping employees happy.

Points positifs

Wage. Benefits. Projects. People.

Points négatifs

Nothing that isn’t applicable to general field.
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Good jon

Decent job with alright pay, got isolating at times as you are on standby with not much to do and not many injuries and not many people to talk to. Not bad thouhh
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Good work-life balance

I was contacted within a few days of application. The interview process was straightforward and professional. Post-interview follow-up was lacking in certain areas but the job offer was finalized within a reasonable period. The working environment, benefits and work-life balance are exactly what I expected. So far, I am enjoying my job at ISOS.
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Just another multi billion dollar company exploiting their workers.

Possibly quite different in the offices but as for working in the field, there is the usual disconnest from management. The company talks alot about supporting and empowering employees but but will allow a bullying culture to occur out in the field when its convenient. Base day rate seems good on the surface, but then you are ripped off with fancy accounting so they don't have to pay full day rate at 1.5 for stat days, and less than 50% of day wages if you get sick due to fly in fly out rotations. Plus won't cover full costs of getting their workers to and from site.
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Fun workplace

Good company to work with, lovely and understanding management team. Management always tried to accomodate all their worker. Flexibility with work hours and location.

Points positifs

Free accomodation and lunch

Points négatifs

Flexible and long hours
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Good reliable company

ISOS is a good and reliable company to work for. Treat their employees fairly with competitive wages. I would recommend them if you are looking to get into Industrial paramedic work.
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Glad I changed employers

After many years I finally changed employers to work for ISOS. On boarding was smooth and made stress free by the HR staff. Salary is competitive and the benefits package makes a big difference to the overall compensation package. The projects are very similar to other industrial medical providers so its the salary, work culture and benefits that make ISOS the company I am glad to be associated with.

Points positifs

Benefits package, paid travel days

Points négatifs

nothing that you won't find with other similar companies
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Good experience

The hiring process was very good. I had a really good recruiter. She checked up on me and encouraged me when I was about to lose hope in the BC nurse practitioner licensing process. She is amazing and also the reason why I continued the job process. A typical day at work can be fast pace and also slow. It's a good balance overall. I have collaborative peers and easygoing peers that make things much easier. Overall, it's a good place for me and I am enjoying every moment.

Points positifs

There is a good varieties of food. Good rotation and having time completely off.

Points négatifs

Scheduling can be a bit annoying sometimes, like in every other workplace, but it gets sorted out.
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Supportive and kind managers, great salary and incentives

The recruiter that guided me through the hiring process was very helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me navigate the process of obtaining my license in another province. At my first job site, the managers were very welcoming and kind. The salary and financial support is also excellent.
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Productive and great employer

I work in a safe work environment with beautiful outdoors. I enjoy working with a team of fun and knowledgeable individuals in a clean/comfortable indoor setting. There is a positive work culture that supports employees at all levels; and policies exist that encourages respect, trust and team work.I enjoy a balance worklife...work, food, fun - game of scrabble, gym, and a good night's rest.

Points positifs

tasty food
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Supportive and Encouraging Environment

I am so happy to have finally found an employer that makes me feel appreciated and valued for my contributions. Work is busy and can be stressful at times, but management is supportive and encourages a work/life balance to avoid burnout. Great benefits!

Points positifs

good pay, benefits

Points négatifs

can be stressful
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Industrial medical team member review.

I started my job application process from a referral in August 2022. The initial recruiter was friendly open and honest about what to expect, and what their expectations are. The process took a few back and forth emails to ensure all certificates and licenses were present. The onboarding process is extensive but not overbearing. International SOS has a vast network of programs and apps to allow me to learn the processes and company policies. It was a little challenging at first but the crew and leads helped with the adjustment. Management has been welcoming and helpful. Having worked for ISOS for 5 months now, there isn't much I can say that paints them in a negative light. As with any employer, there is always some aspects that can be improved upon. That said I am happy with my new home here at ISOS.

Points positifs

Rotation that meets your needs. 3 and 3 or, 2 and 2
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Stay far far away

This is the worst place ever to work. Very high turn over rate and will screw you any chance they get, no vacation days, can’t keep a manager in the place they care more about making money then they do there employees.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Very high stress place to work and it’s not the job, it the company that keeps you stressed out.
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Good opportunities. Salaries excellent. Could offer more benefits.

Competitive salary. Travel to sites covered. Interesting opportunities with good communication from supervisors and management. Would like to see benefits for contract employees. Great recruiting staff!
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Great Company

Great company to work for. Lots of exciting contracts available. If emergency medical is your career, they treat their medics very well and there is lots of good opportunity for travel as they are a global company.
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