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Why would you want to work at Intelcom Express?

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  • 15 octobre 2021

    As one of the leading e-commerce delivery companies in Canada, Intelcom gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and grow your potential among a team of equally ambitious and innovative individuals.

  • You don't! Walk away - do not work here. Toxic - toxic - toxic!

  • You do not want to work here. Horrible, horrible company. Very disorganized, no respect for employees - it's like a meat grinder, they just keep pushing them through. They make it sound great - but beware! Poor management right through to the top guys. Don't waste your time or energy - it's honestly not worth it. No work/ life balance & poor pay.

  • J'aime faire de la route et rencontrer les clients ou je livre

  • I want a full time job

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  • I want to work at intelcom becausemy friends also worked there and i also read so many positive reviews about intelcom online or from my friends.

  • I enjoy delivering

  • Its a good company

  • HORRIBLE company. I worked for them for 7 months it was extremely unorganized. There's issues EVERY SINGLE DAY and they make them up for the drivers they like to keep us busy doing things were not even obligated to do. They're theves. Lyrs. Scms. Worst management and head office in the history of business. These clowns think they can bully the drivers well let me tell you what we did. In mississauga ontario canada. 37 drivers refused work and screwed intelcom over forever. That location shut Down. Why because they lied to us made us get 44k grand caravans for "guaranteed" routes then take our routes away from us for no reason. intelcom deserves to be let go.

  • For make our future .it is only that company which gives money as a same truck driving..only then workers will be happy as well as company.

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  1. Why would you want to work at Intelcom Express?