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Will they call after interview if either it s negative or positive result ?

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Thanks for posting your question. As part of our recruitment process, we aim to provide feedback to all candidates re: application status through either email or phone call. We are continuously improving our process to be better at providing timely interview feedback. Thank you for your interest and good luck!

30 mai 2018

I had 3 interviews. One on the phone , one in person and one video interview.... Each time I send a thank you note, waiting for the next step.

And then, nothing, not even an email saying that I was not selected, I mean, after 3 interviews, they could at least send an email.

Short answer ... No, you won't hear

I have never heard of an employer call to tell you that you didn’t get the job.

They don't call or send email..they just ignore you and let you wait. .very unprofessional 😔

No, they don't.

It doesnt appear as such.

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