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Once you arrive at your sobeys store, you call in, then head off to set up your table and find product. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the type of demo you have that day. After the table is set up with all need equipment, also making sure that the table is close to the product that you are sampling, to make it easier for costumers to purchase the product if they happen to like it upon trying it. Before handing out samples though, all stock on the floor that you are sampling must be counted and recorded on our call report. Collect a small amount of product and build a nice display to attract customers. Prepare samples and start asking people if they would like to enjoy a sample and then explain all the benefits and selling points while the customer is trying the product. If coupons were sent to the store then hand these out as well. Remember to wash all equipment and put everything back neat and orderly. Once you arrive home you have to fill out a call report which included details like what your product was, how much was there when you started, how many units were there when you left and how many samples you handed out.

I adored this job because I get to be the gateway for people trying new things! I also get to try the product and I often have customers asking my opinions on said product and I find that most often people will listen to what I would have to say. I am also a social butterfly, so I have the personality to engage with over 300 people in one day and find a way to make each interaction unique and cheerful experience that
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Great Pay, You get to try new things, Done online
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Only weekends
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